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In person starting July 9, 2021. Zoom will also be available for those unable to attend in person.
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October 29, 2021 Program
Pollinator Pathways
Margery Winters
Roaring Brook Nature Center
Members Present: 33
Guests: Carlo Gecco, Prospective Member
Speaker: Susan Omillion, JD 
Visiting Rotarians: Dave Tadeschi, Asst Governor, and via Zoom Chris & Rick Heath, Deb Korner, and Jennifer Gonzalez
Happy Dollars: $125.00 for World Polio Day
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Birthdays: None.
Happy Dollars:
President Chris Lamadrid read a note from Bill and Pat Barnes in memory of the passing of their son, Ronald W. Barnes. The note read, "Thank you very much for your kind words and please thank club members for their many wonderful expressions of sympathy. It truly means a lot. How special it is to be part of the caring extended family known as Rotary." 
Luke Violette, Sgt at Arms, stated that all Happy Dollars for the next two meetings would be contributed to Polio Plus.
Gary Miller, District Polio Plus Co-Chair, provided an update on the Polio Global Eradication Initiative. A copy of GPEI's program update was distributed to each table. Gary reported that as of October 20th GPEI got the greenlight to resume house-to-house vaccination campaigns in Afghanistan. After a 3 year halt, starting November 8th the campaigns will target over 3.3 million children in parts of the country that were previously inaccessible. Gary pointed out that most of the vaccinations are done by teams of women, since men are not generally allowed to visit freely non-family member's homes. The latest GPEI information can be found at:
The summary for the week of October 20, was as follows:
  • Afghanistan
    • No wild poliovirus (WPV1) cases this week, only one reported in 2021, and 56 cases in 2020. 
    • No cases of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus (cVDPV2) reported this week, 43 cases so far in 2021, and 308 for 2020
  • Pakistan
    • No WPV1 reported this week, only 1 case in 2021, and 84 in 2020
    • No cVDPV2 this week, 8 cases in 2021, and 135 in 2020
  • Over all the outlook is very good worldwide
Sue Budde returned early from trip our west with husband, Bill, and dog, Gracey. The weather was forecasting snow and they had made it to Mount Rushmore and Devil's Tower.
Gary Roman report on the work day at Veterans Base Camp. All the Garys were there as well as Heather, Chris, Peter and Gary Miller's son-in-law Greg Minton, and Bruce Witney of West Avon Congregational Church Outreach. Gary said 9 of the 13 cabins are occupied by homeless veterans. Lots of painting and repairs to the deck stairs and ramp were accomplished. VBC received $1500 from our club. VBC Executive Director, Cindy Archibald, will be hosting vets at our November 12th meeting.
Debbie Altschwager reported that her daughter recently ran a marathon in 4:15 minutes. When she began running marathons she fell and broke her arm, but walked the remainder of the course. Her experience has improved.
In the Bill Barnes tradition Rollie Sterrett shared a few easily misinterpreted signs which had everyone in stitches.
Linda Pendergast had been to Goodspeed Opera and recommended the performance. The music was wonderful.
Ann Clark mentioned that as a child she had been in the Newington Home for Crippled Children in 1948 when many children were hospitalized as a result of the polio pandemic. Her roommate was the CT Poster Child for Polio.
Dave Tadeschi asked everyone to get on social media and remind everyone that October 24th is World Polio Day.
Gary Hyde was happy to report that he had written the last check for $30,000 to complete the FAVARH Initiative.
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Ending Violence Against Women
Susan M. Omilian, JD
Greg Demanche introduced our speaker this morning. Susan is a resident of West Hartford, who is an attorney, author, and motivational speaker. She has worked for the past 40 years to end violence against women. Today, Susan provides her My Avenging Angel Workshops based on the ida that living well is the best revenge for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse. Susan's work helps women find hope, healing, and empowerment so they can reclaim their lives after abuse. Sponsored by Hartford Health Care and supported by CT Alliance for Victims of Violence and Their Families (CT-ALIVE), the workshops are provided free of charge four times a year. Susan joins us today to talk about how a strong, vibrant community response can help victims take that transformational journey beyond abuse. 
For the past two years, Susan has been running her workshops on a virtual basis, which has had some benefit allowing women from distant places to attend. A recent attendee was from South Africa. Susan's goal is to transform victims from survivors to thrivers.
In October, 1999, Susan’s niece Maggie – a bright, talented nineteen-year-old college student with a brilliant future ahead of her – was shot and killed by an ex-boyfriend in a college dorm room. Shocked and outraged, Susan vowed to turn Maggie’s death into an opportunity to educate others about the types of abuse and their impact on men, women and children. Her niece's journey was very similar to warning signs exhibited by the current Gabby Petito case in the news. Susan had been doing crisis intervention prior to the murder, and felt she could not return to that work. She wanted to give help to the victims to become thrivers.
Susan introduced her work by showing the video: Maggie's Story
Susan discussed the grim statistic:
People often ask why a women would return or stay with her abuser. One of the reasons is that they have no where to go. In Feb 2020 all the domestic abuse shelters in the Hartford area were full and then COVID-19 hit in March. Women were being sent to hotels due to lack of room in the shelters.
Women need help to get out of the abusive situation. Many of the women have had a history of trauma from as early as childhood. 
Susan talked about the four success stories featured in the video, Maggie's Story. Her workshops lead women on a path to the THRIVER ZONE.
Susan closed with some Q&A. Any women need help should register for her workshops through the Hartford Health Care Line - 855-442-4373.
Susan can be contacted via the ThriverZone at

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