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Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
We meet Fridays at 7:30 AM
Avon Old Farms Hotel
279 Avon Mountain Rd.
Avon, CT  06001
United States of America
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August 30, 2019
Linda Mcgurn
The Good Shepherd Foundation
Haiti Water Project
Sergeant-at-Arms Report
Members Present: 32
Visiting Rotarians: Craig Buhrendorf  
Guests: Joe DiNicola, Ravi Prajapatiwith his wife and daughter
Happy Dollars: $ 26
Raffle Winner: None.
Larry Haber
Larry, whose birthday was August 15, has been member of various clubs since 1979, although Avon-Canton is the only breakfast club he has attended. Although he is now - by virtue of age and longevity of Rotary membership - exempt from attendance requirements, he enjoys coming to meetings when he can. He is a scribe for the Early Riser about once a month, which has helped him with names of members. He certainly could retire anytime, but he hasn't decided when or whether to retire.
Happy Birthday, Larry!
Happy Dollars
Joanne Santiago was happy that a patient of hers, an older woman, was able to get help for her car's steering problem at O'Neill's. She told Joanne how nice people at the dealership were to her. Joanne was glad they were so helpful to her patient.
Salin Low was happy that she had a fun trip to NYC earlier in the week. She walked the High Line, saw several museums, and went to To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway. She strongly recommended the play.
Larry Haber wasn't really happy to spend his birthday alone in Sacramento when the temperature was 107 degrees. He was much happier to be headed to Maine where it was bound to be much cooler.
Gary Hyde was happy to play in the Focus on Autism golf tournament in Harwinton. He was also happy that the NY Mets had played so well since the All Star break. They had just swept a series with the Indians. He presented Paul Mikkelson with a Mets hat as a consolation for the poor season the Red Sox are having. He also enjoyed his grandson Henry, a precocious one-year old, while he was in Saratoga. Henry enjoyed chatting with his puppy Ginger about the advantages of peeing in the backyard - principally you get out of your diaper.
Gary Miller had also played in the Focus Tournament. He had heard from Sue Budde, whose mother died last week, and things seemed to be going well. (A visit with Sue after the trip to her mother's made it clear there was an incredible amount of work cleaning out her mother's house.)
Paul Mikkelson was talking about some of the prizes he got for the auction at the golf tournament. He's showing off an assortment of hair care products. He also got a gift certificate for two months' free membership at Healthtrax. He encouraged others to see what items they might obtain for the auction. He was glad to see Michelle Hagan who has done so much work organizing the golfers for the tournament.
Craig Buhrendorf is certainly happy to be a New York Yankees fan this year, because they're doing so well (rub it in). The person who cut his hair said that Craig and Jeane's move to NC is "living the dream." However, Craig felt like something less than the dreams when he considered the moths in his billfold where folding money ought to be.
Gary Roman was excited that they had broken ground on the new Farmington branch of the Collinsville Savings Society. The picture will be on the back of the golf program, since they are one of the major sponsors.
Peter Vignati was happy to be headed to the "Irish Riviera" in Springlake NJ.
Sean Blacker was looking forward to his annual horse shoe tournament to benefit the veterans' home in Rocky Hill, NJ.
Michelle Hagan was happy to announce that we have 120 golfers so far. However, we can take up to 180, so encourage friends and associates to take part in a fun day that helps a number of good causes.
Calendar of Upcoming Events & Announcements
September 6th: Weekly meeting to be held at FAVARH's new building.
September 9th: Annual Rotary Charity Golf Tournament, at the Golf Club of Avon. Don't forget to sell those ads and to recruit those golfers. The club wants to do so much in our community, and it depends on the efforts of all members.
Induction of New Members
Ravi Prajapati
Joanne Santiago introduced Ravi whom she met him at the Avon Indian Grill in Avon. She was pleased that he had such a good memory for customers and for their orders. He is from Nepal, where he was a member of an organization like the Jaycees. He is now a citizen of the U.S. His wife and 14-month old daughter Sasha came to see him inducted into the club. Ravi spoke for a few minutes about the importance of community and of honesty in his actions. He likes the nonprofit involvement through Rotary and wants to be more involved in the community. Welcome to Rotary, Ravi!

Community and International Service Grants
None this week.

Chris Allen
Chris Allen gave us some insight into the creation and operation of iDevices, which has been identified as one of the best places to work in Connecticut. Allen was a college dropout who created his first company at 19 and later sold it. He had an idea for an app that would monitor grilling activity through an iPhone and named it iGrill. He needed backing to produce the product. Apple was interested and realized he needed to learn how to market his ideas. Initially Apple bought all the product he could produce for $10,000, then demand for the product ballooned around the world. Weber originally turned down a chance to buy the company for $4.2 million and ended up paying $47 million for the company in 2010.
As interesting as the products iDevices produces is the story of how to create such an appealing and productive company with some of the characteristics of major companies in Silicon Valley. When iDevices was just starting, it had four employees and needed state assistance. Now it has 48 employees. At the time of the sale of the iGrill to Weber, all the employees had stock in the company, so the sale benefited all of them. Apple actually tried to buy the company twice, but they wanted the company to move to California, something Allen does not want to do.
Instead the company has a building in Avon which was renovated for $6.2 million. In typical Silicon Valley fashion, there are only community spaces and no cubicles. Desks can be adjusted for working either sitting or standing. There is lounge space in the same room. There are also onsite amenities such as a masseuse, a nail salon, a gym and a restaurant. The restaurant will also prepare takeout food, so employees don't have to cook when they get home. There is unlimited paid time off, but employees want to be at work and rarely take as much time as in companies with limited vacations. Employees are recruited from around the country, and some commute amazing distances to work at iDevices, including one engineer who commutes from Ohio. There are now 22- 64 employees with a median age of 38-40.
in 2017 iDevices was bought by Hubbell Incorporated of Shelton, CT.  Hubbell originally created the first pull chain switch and now the company produces the Instinct, a switch connected to Alexa. Key partners in this endeavor are Apple and Amazon. These partnerships are likely to continue in the future as new products are developed. The Rotary Interact group from Canton High School plans a tour of iDevices which may inspire them to think about significant tech opportunities in Connecticut.

Mail Bag
None this week.
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