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Jul 17, 2020
US Horse Welfare and Rescue, Saving America’s Horse and the Human Spirit
Jul 24, 2020
Covid 19, What we know and don't know and how it effects dentistry
Jul 31, 2020
Ha Phororo Youth Retreat Centre, South Africa
Aug 07, 2020
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Aug 14, 2020
Aug 21, 2020
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Dr. Jerry Graham, DDS
July 24, 2020
The meeting will be held on Zoom. 
Watch for an email from Alicia.
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Members Present: 34 members participated
Visiting Rotarians: Paul Mikkelson, Chris Heath, Rick Heath  
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None today.

Jim Gordon (7/8)

Paul Cioffari (7/14)

Kevin Case (7/19)

None were present today. 

Happy birthday in heaven to Nancy Nation (7/17) and Ted Cowles (7/18).

Happy Dollars Moments
Editor's Note: If you missed our Zoom meeting, the full meeting is posted to our Group Facebook Page
Gary Miller: Gary was happy to close on his duplex last week. His daughters have moved to Connecticut and have finished quarantine.
Rick Heath: Rick & Chris were happy to also close on a house they were selling and happy to celebrate their anniversary today.
Gary Miller: Gary shared updates about the golf tournament. Sponsors and contacts continue to grow. He shared this year, Fisher's Island would be closed due to the pandemic, and will not be offered as a silent auction item. He asked that all look to yourself for ideas for who to reach out to for potential sponsorships, a good place to start is to think about people that you have recently paid or hired.
Alicia Canning: Alicia shared two thank you cards, one from Foodshare and the other from Guiding Light Orphans. She read a beautiful message from Guiding Light Orphans.
Phil Ferrari: Shared that the pencil box program is still scheduled for August 24. It will be a bit different this year due to safety measures in place. He will send out more information via email.
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Susan Mitchell

US Horse Welfare & Rescue 


Avon-Canton Rotarian, Susan Mitchell was online one day when she read a story of a 17 year old girl who recognized a horse she had as a child, had been rescued from slaughter. The girl's family had sold the horse when she was 8 years old, thinking it would be in safe hands. Horrified, the girl and her family traveled to the rescue to find out it was truly her horse after the horse had remembered tricks she had it taught it 9 years prior. Susan was both moved and horrified by the story, wondering how a horse that was once so loved and sold with good intentions could end up in a kill lot. 


This began her mission to uncover the disturbing truths about how easy it is for a beloved horse to be bought and traded for slaughter. Although illegal in the United States, horses that are sold have the potential to be kill-bought, shipped across the borders to Canada, or Mexico for slaughter. The process is inhumane, cruel, and lacks any kind of regulation.


Susan was ignited to start a rescue of these vulnerable horses and start an advocacy campaign to educate others just how easy their horse can end up in these horrific situations. She says that "people just don't know". Horses that are still healthy, young, and capable of being incredible companions can easily end up at slaughter if sold. Owners may have good intentions, for instance, if an owner can no longer afford or physically care for their horse, they may think they're selling their beloved companion to a safe place, only for the horse to be placed under extreme and stressful conditions and be auctioned for slaughter - unbeknownst to the original owner. She has formed a group with local legislators to draft legislation that will protect horses and their owners from the horrors of slaughter.


In 2016, Susan opened her non-profit rescue farm on Nod Hill in Avon on over 20 acres of land. At the farm, she can hold up to 8 to 9 horses that she has rescued from kill-lots and rehab until they are ready for a truly safe and proper home, while others live successfully at her farm.


At the farm, Susan taps into her background as a nurse and offers equine-assisted therapy for individuals of all ages and abilities. They offer Equine Assisted Wellness programs that incorporate trauma-informed care. The rescue horses have "rescued" many humans in need. Her farm currently operates with approximately 60 volunteers. 


US Horse Welfare and Rescue also offers events that allow the public to get to know the horses and learn more about the plight of America's horses. 


To learn more about the programs, events, and mission of US Horse Welfare and Rescue, and to view the beautiful horses Susan has rescued, you can visit their website at


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