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Lauren Gardner
Dec 02, 2022
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Dec 09, 2022
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Dec 16, 2022
Dec 23, 2022
Dec 30, 2022
Jan 06, 2023
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Club Information
Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
Fridays at 7:30 AM
Golf Club of Avon
160 Country Club Road
Avon, CT 06001
United States of America
(860) 760-6364
All meetings are hybrid both in-person and Zoom available
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November 11, 2022
Surprise Speaker
The surprise is only a surprise if kept a surprise
The meeting will be held both in person and via Zoom. 
Watch for an email from the Club for Zoom access and
please note we use a recurring ID for your convenience.
Sergeant-at-Arms Report - 
Rotarians Present: 22
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Michael Castro (Speaker)
Happy Dollars: N/A
Raffle Winner: No raffle today - rollover to next week.
Fines: None today.
None this week.
Happy Dollars
Salin Low was happy that the bell-ringing schedule is out and already done. There may be a need for a possible emergency fill-in. Wreath sign-ups are also available!
Larry Haber is looking forward to a trip to Gatlinburg where he will visit the Great Smoky Mountains and Dollywood. The last time he was in the area was 50 years ago – before Dollywood was even built!
Peter Vignati is excited to watch the UCONN women kick off their basketball season! 
Sue Budde was happy to give her raffle dollar!
Cal Miller is looking forward to hosting the Holiday Christmas party on Tuesday the 6th  from 4-7.
Gary Roman was happy he made it back from Tweed airport. He flew in late last Thursday on a flight on Avelo Airlines. During the descent, the pilot announced the runway was short, and the pilot hit the brakes, and the oxygen masks fell out (yes they do exist as they do in the movies!) Already an hour late coming in, Gary was anxious to head home and looked for his car that he distinctly remembered parking near a fence on the grass, but was nowhere to be seen. A bus driver found Gary and drove him around the lot where he found his car in a completely different place with a note that said the airport had moved his car due to heavy rains and the potential for flooding in the grassy area! The ordeal was not worth the money saved flying Avelo! 
Yvonne Gardner happily celebrated her dad’s 82 birthday and watched him referee a high school soccer game between Avon and Farmington last week.
Ann Clark survived her high school reunion!
Phil Ferrari was happy to enjoy a great trip to Sedona, Arizona where he spent time with family and observed their crazy politics!
Alicia Canning gave her essential monthly reminder to perform a self-breast examination - early detection saves lives!!! She also asked the club to please pray for her daughter Sarah, she had a spot on recent imaging, and they are awaiting further results.
Heather Pantano was happy with to perform assistant governor duties by visiting New Milford’s Sarah Noble Intermediate School where Rotarians gave dictionaries out to third graders.
Jolly Lux is looking forward to presenting at our District Luncheon!
Paul Mikkelson was looking forward to his potential 100-mile bike ride fundraising for cystic fibrosis. His daughter is having another baby, and the tests indicate it’s possible the baby may have cystic fibrosis like Tommy. His grandson Tommy is about to be 3 and doing well!
Gary Miller was happy to be heading on a trip to Vermont to visit his family’s tree farm built in 1767 to spend time with his family and grandchildren. 
Rotary leadership workshop is taking place on November 12 in Springfield, MA.
Wreaths for Sale! Order by November 15! Christmas wreaths support New Britain-Berlin Rotary. $25 cash or check and will be delivered on Dec. 2. Contact Salin at 
Tuesday, November 15 - Pub Night at 110 in the Farmington Valley Shoppes. It starts at 5:00 and continues until about 7:00. Some folks stay for a light supper. Good conversation and fellowship are available!
Induction of New Members
None this week.
None this week.
Community and International Service Grants
None this week.
Michael Castro
Alicia Canning introduced Michael Castro, an independent advisor whose family has over 40 years of experience in insurance. 
Michael held an informational conversation about Medicare and how to get the most out of Medicare and its benefits. 
While our club seems to fit the general age bracket for Medicare (lol) benefits can be available for people at nearly any age. 
Michael’s tips include the following:
The best order to sign up for Medicare 
  • You can sign up for Part A immediately while you are still working or on a spouse’s insurance and sign up for B later. 
  • When you are ready to sign up for B sign up for part D at the same time, even if you don’t need D right away. 
  • Part D is related to medication and prescriptions, and if you don’t sign up for D while signing up for B you will be penalized for the amount of time it takes to sign up between B and D – even if you don’t need medication right away.
What are Medicare Advantage plans?
  • When you have Medicare at it’s base – Medicare will pay for 80% of services while you are responsible for 20%. Advantage plans help to cover the 20% you are responsible for.
  • A, B, and D combined is a C plan (an advantage plan) using an agent that can help you find a plan appropriate for your needs, lifestyle, and specialists seen; you can pay a small monthly premium to reduce the 20% cost of the basic Medicare plan. 
Advantage plans offer different benefits. 
  • For example, through United, some plans offer dental, vision, and hearing. 
  • Renew Active is a benefit to join gyms that are in-network for no cost. You can join multiple gyms at once, which is excellent if you like to swim at one gym, prefer classes at another, or like or travel often. 
  • Catalogs are sent out quarterly or can be accessed at anytime online to access free money to purchase common over-the-counter items found at pharmacies, like vitamins, meals, toothpaste, etc. 
The difference in cost for an advantage plan is either a larger upfront premium for less money spent in copays or less of an upfront premium to spend more copay.
With a supplement plan, you can use any doctor you want throughout the country, e.g., if you spend winters in Florida and summers in Connecticut, you will get the same treatment for the same cost.
Questions from club members:
Q: Are there online tools to compare plans?
A: Yes, there are, and you can compare across different companies.
Q: Does Medicare have life insurance? 
A: No. United does have life insurance, but it’s not covered under Medicare.
Q: Who underwrites the no-cost plan? 
A: For the plans that have 0 premiums per month, you will pay a higher copay at your visit.
Q: Is it true that some Medicare Advantage plans were found to have gatekeepers? The primary physician needs to refer to specialists for the insurer to control costs, and the gatekeepers are instructed not to make as many referrals resulting in a class action lawsuit?
A: Michael can only speak for United, which does not require referrals through a primary care physician. 

Special Announcements

None this week.
Mail Bag
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