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August 16, 2019
Guiding Light Orphans
Jolly Lux
Sergeant-at-Arms Report
Members Present: 33
Visiting Rotarians: none  
Guests: Bill Barnes introduced prospective member Loretta Fiora. Jim Gordon introduced prospective member Deb Korner.
Happy Dollars: $ ???
Raffle Winner: No winner
Lisa Barrell-Matt reminded Rotarians that prior to the now 10 years she has been a member of our Club, she was a member of the Bloomfield Club, where her father and grandfather had been members. Lisa has 4 wonderful kids, with 2 on the West coast and 2 in Boston, so sometimes arranging to visit them all can be challenging, but it's been getting easier she said. Lisa has made it a practice to calculate her annual Rotary Foundation donation by adding a "0" to her age and writing a check for that amount, which she did again this year. Lisa also gave 5 Happy Dollars in gratitude for being able to be a part of the Club and in further gratitude for being  able to look after her Mom, who suffered a stroke a year ago, but has been doing very well despite her challenges. Lisa keeps an eye on her
Greg DeManche, also a birthday honoree, was unfortunately absent.
Happy Dollars
Don Bonner had 5 Happy Dollars for 3 things: First, due to the effectiveness of our Club's marketing at the "Zone Level", a level which covers 300 Clubs, and after giving a presentation, the Club was given an award in acknowledgement of our success, second, Don's daughter Sarah has changed jobs and is now working at the Make-a-Wish Foundation and third, his daughter Katie will be having a baby and he will soon become a Grandpa! Congratulations Don!
Bill Barnes used his time to recite several nationwide, malaprop headlines including: Homicide Victims Rarely Talk to Police,  Miracle Cure Kills Fifth Patient,, City Unsure Why Sewer Smells, Seventeen Remain Dead in Morgue Shooting Spree, Man Accused of Killing Lawyer Receives a New Attorney, Hospitals Resort to Hiring Doctors, Worker Suffers Leg Pain After Crane Drops 800 Pound Ball On His Head and Frequent Sex Enhances Pregnancy Chances. Nothing more need be said.
Larry Haber is off to Sacramento for a business meeting,.
Dale Bronson had discussed with Don Bonner that some view our club as the "Cadillac of our district", but he felt that was the wrong message to send, so they decided our club is the "BMW of our district." That comment drew some howls from Club members, as you can imagine. Dale was also happy to report that today was opening day for the English football league, and that his favored team, Crystal Palace, is already in a 20-way tie for first place.  Finally, Dale noted, "it's good to be a Yankee fan."
Yvonne Gardener was happy that her younger daughter has accepted a new teaching job in Southington and informed Rotarians about a golf tournament to be held on 8/23, at Fairview Farm in Harwinton, to benefit Focus on Autism. More information is available from Yvonne or Lauren.
Jolly Lux: Offered leadership kudos to all of us, as while she was traveling in Uganda, her District grant application on behalf of GLO, which was due July 1st , was completed by president Heather Pantano, who took care of the final details. As a result, our Club has won another award.
Heather Pantano will be leaving tomorrow for a vacation with her cousins, known as CuzFest in their family. About 20 people rent a house together and cook together and go to the beach at Narragansett. While she's away, immediate past president Mike Mezheritskiy will cover her presidential duties.
Arnie Goldman reported having recently returned from the 2019 American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Convention, held this year in Washington, DC. The convention included a robust program of continuing education, networking opportunities and leadership meetings, in which he participated. Veterinary leaders from around the country also visited their individual legislator's offices on Capitol Hill, to advocate for issues important to the profession of veterinary medicine. Arnie was joined by colleague, friend and fellow Rotarian Dr. Sandy Willis, who is a member of the Rotary Club of South Everett - Mukilteo, in Washington State. Sandy and Arnie had previously exchanged Club pins and now they've also exchanged Club banners.
Also, during that AVMA Convention week, the entire AVMA leadership took a group tour of the White House, and upon returning to their bus, discovered the bus had parked directly in front of a bronze sidewalk memorial commemorating our very own Paul Harris! Said Sandy & Arnie: "We couldn't resist the opportunity to pose for a photo with the plaque commemorating the founder and first Rotarian, Paul Harris!
Rotarians Sandy Willis of the Rotary Club of South Everett-Mukilteo,
and Arnie Goldman of the Rotary Club of Avon-Canton with the Paul Harris
commemorative plaque near the White House, in Washington, DC.
Larry Sullivan, directing his comments to Dale, was glad to hear there is still a market for Cadillacs. On another note Larry also noted his new Honda building is going up and Dale can soon shop there.
Tom Voorhees says the surest way to remember your anniversary is to forget it once. After that, you'll never forget it again! Tomorrow (8/10) is his 45th!
Calendar of Upcoming Events & Announcements
August 14th: Pencil box assembly at 5:00 p.m. at Nancy Nation's house. Phil and Beth Ferrari are organizing the event. Check with Phil about signing up to help and to bring something to complement the pizza. Alternatively, you can contribute to the cost of the pizza when you arrive.
September 9th: Annual Rotary Charity Golf Tournament, at the Golf Club of Avon. Don't forget to sell those ads and to recruit those golfers. The club wants to do so much in our community, and it depends on the efforts of all members.
Induction of New Members
Jim Gordon introduced Deb Korner who lives in Canton with her husband Glenn. She has 3 grown children and spends her winters in Florida. Said Deb: "I'm really happy to be part of this group and I'm looking forward to working with all of you."

Community and International Service Grants
None this week.

Club Day: "The Golf Tournament"
Heather Pantano, Larry Sullivan, Colleen Grasso, Paul Mikkelson
Heather Pantano: "I want to reinforce that to really be of service, we raise money to support organizations like GLO, the veterans, Focus and others. This is what service looks like for us: going out and asking people to support the tournament in any way that works for them. It's the opportunity to stand up, maybe a little out of one's comfort zone and help others. Last year we netted $60,000.00 in profit and I'd like us to raise $65,000.00 this year. I ask that you do all you can, partner up with others and get it done. Thank you to everyone!"
Larry Sullivan: "We have developed quite a tournament that people really enjoy playing in. We have new things every year including last year's cannon. If their ball goes in to the cup, the cannon fires. There's also a grand prize for the ball that's closest to the hole. Last year we had an auction and raffle at dinner. A new wrinkle this year, similar to last year's golfing trip to Fisher's Island prize, obtained through Paul Mikkelson, are two Africa trips made available for $2500 each. The Club splits all proceeds. What is important now is obtaining ads, with a deadline of August 23rd to submit them. Paul and Nancy are in competition for best salesperson this year. Even a tee sign at $200 is helpful. Remember we still have our 5-year, annual donation commitment to FAVARH for $150,000, with $90,000.00 already raised and donated, and $60,000.00 still to raise."
Colleen: "I suggest that those with prior contacts and past ad submissions, but who cannot make contact with those advertisers this year, let Paul, Heather or Larry know, so they can put someone else on it."
Heather: "We're also still looking for another major sponsor and a few more minor sponsors. Small donations are also helpful as they can finance auction items and other necessities."
Paul Mikkelson: "There is no contest here as to who has done more for the tournament and the Club, and that's Nancy Nation. Nancy received a round of applause."
Heather thanked everyone for their hard work to date.

Mail Bag
None this week.
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Photographs courtesy of Phil Worley unless otherwise noted.
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