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May 22, 2020
Michal Klau-Stevens
Community Health Resources'
Multidimensional Family Therapy Program
The meeting will be held on Zoom. 
Watch for an email from Heather.
Watch the presentation live on:
Given by Salin Low
Sergeant-at-Arms Report
Members Present: 37 members participated
Visiting Rotarians: Rick Heath  
Guests: Walter Hudley from Quincy Massachusetts Rotary Club
Happy Dollars Moments: "VFC" (Virtual Fellowship Currency)
Raffle Winner: No Raffle.
None today.
Walter Hudley from Quincy shared that he is now with Community Builders.
Yvette Young is today's speaker.
Rollie Sterrett, May 19th: Rollie had planned to prepare something for next week, but to benefit our newest members, he graciously deigned to speak to us today. Rollie joined in July 1978, and is the longest continuously serving member in the club. Bob Cave a charter memberw ho had joined (and helped found the Club) earlier, took a break when he moved to Virginia for a period of time. Rollie has had the pleasure of serving in all the officer positions and many other areas of Club service including the youth exchange (YEX). He's been a member for 49 years, and has visited clubs all over the world, with the furthest one being in Germany. He didn't understand a word he they said (Ach du liebe Zeit!) but the fellowship was great, and Rotary has meant a lot to him. I'm proud to have submitted my Foundation contributions, and thank you all for your fellowship as I celebrate my 77th birthday
Ed Note: Rollie is a 'major donor' thanks to a lot of prodding, reportedly from past District Governor Tom Voorhees, as Tom tells it.
Our club is fortunate to have a large number of major donors, as we have a good understanding of the importance of the Rotary Foundation.
Bill Barnes added that Rollie also once served with distinction as our "Dr. IQ", sharing Rotary lore with all, and in good humor, picking on every member for no or any reason.
That commentary was often recounted in the "Yellow Journalism" of our former newsletter which was printed on yellow paper.
Happy Dollars Moments
Editor's note: If you missed our Zoom meeting, the full meeting is posted to our Group Facebook Page
Rollie Sterrett's brother Cliff has again tested positive for SARS-Covid-19, despite having been in hospital/nursing home for 35 days already. Please keep Cliff in your prayers.
Sara Leathers: thrilled Yvette is with us today, had Covid a month ago and now is well.
Don Bonner explained that a 75 year old neighbor has had no water for 3 years and her property had become badly overgrown. Now we have repaired the water pump, septic system repaired and had Eversource cut 20+ leaning trees. We have enacted St Ann's Care "Homefront" to do the house over inside and outside to help this person. In time we hope to get her fully back in order. I may later ask for furniture and possibly a refrigerator. Paula DeSilva is going to work with her a s a consultant. Proves that it "takes a village."
Rick Heath: Rick and Chris were happy to receive their Rotary face masks from Gary.
Jolly Lux:  Thankful for Canton Rotaract which gave a donation to GLO for the purchase of medical supplies for Uganda. Rotary club of Nanjing in China have donated and produced masks for Uganda.
Gary Miller: Many deliveries this week of materials for mask production. A shipment for Craig's club in North Carolina is close to completion.
Kathleen Parr thanked Gary Miller for his responsiveness, and the masks he created and delivered to her.
Induction of New Members
None this week.

None this week.
Community and International Service Grants
None this week.
Yvette Young
Village for Families & Children
Sex Trafficking in Connecticut
Sara Leathers introduced speaker Yvette Young, a licensed psychologist. Yvette has 21-years experience as a leader, director, trainer and clinician. She's worked as a coordinator of the Connecticut Anti-Trafficking Response Team and is a member of the Connecticut Advisory Council for Victims of Crime. A TedX speaker on the topic of human trafficking, Yvette will speak to us about the very real issue and danger of human trafficking. Yvette is Associate Vice President for Programs and Advocacy for the Village, an agency that supports neglected children. Learn more about "the Village" at:
Yvette opened her comments by explaining that a traditional Masai tribe greeting is "How are the children?", which acknowledges the high value placed on children and the vulnerable among the Masai. The desired reply, if all is well, should be, "All the children are well", meaning peace and safety prevail. Today however, over 300,000 children are not well as trafficking in children is far too prevalent today. It is hard for people to believe such things occur here, as we tell ourselves, "not my child" and "not my community."
The truth is far more complicated however, as all of our children at risk. Remarkably, 63% of children referred to DCF were still living at home with a parent and not homeless. Recently a trafficked 14 year old female high school freshman, from an affluent family in a two parent home, came to light. After starting high school a group of manipulative peers told her she had to have sex with men for money, which she did, in an effort to be accepted in this peer group. Only because her parents found her diary did they learn the truth. The online environment fosters this behavior. Exploiters use these tools to gain access to our emotionally vulnerable children.
Recently a trafficker sent a text message to every child in a middle school and waited to see who would respond. The trafficker then looks at their online profile and uses the information to manipulate the child through direct messaging. Learning of emotional traumas the child may have experienced only deepens the ability of traffickers to manipulate such children. Familiarity leads to gifts, outings and finally being lured to trafficking situations. Over 70% of trafficked children are recruited online.
Perhaps even more horrifyingly, children are also sold online, and Yvette compared the ease of becoming a participant in this crime to ordering a pizza. The internet enables all of this. Children have many vulnerabilities, particularly due to their still undeveloped brain. Researcher Abigail Beards' writings has clarified how the immature brains of children and their weak links to "gut instincts", often leads to poor choices while the children are striving to become independent. They are already inclined to seek love and that is a highly manipulable characteristic. Caring adults must ensure we provide the love and acceptance the children need to avoid these fates.
Protecting our children is critical: Yvette's call to action is that we educate, advocate and protect. There are very few arrests to date beyond teh children themselves, which is ironic and tragic.  Three survivors, recently interviewed had this to say: 1. A female survivor said: "If you see something, say something." Her victimization was ignored by others around her. 2. A male survivor said: "You should know where your children are at all times,  and who they are with." 3. Finally, a female survivor said: "Monitor your children's intimate and social interactions, particularly online."
A police officer Yvette works alongside noted that people lock and alarm their houses, but then send their children to bed with their smart phones, which are portals of risk for their exploitation.
Yvette's goal in life is to advocate for children: I want children to have love, joy and safety. One day, when I'm asked "How are the children" I want to be able to say "All the children are well."
Audience Questions:
Sara Leathers: How are you getting the message out?
YY: DCF has several curricula on human trafficking. There are cases in every area of Connecticut. In 2018, there were 210 referrals from every part of Connecticut, rural, suburban and urban.
Gary Roman: How have the police been helpful in this area?
YY: Today there is training available for law enforcement so that 12 - 13 year old children are not considered prostitutes, as they previously had been.
Dale Bronson: Why are there so few cases and prosecutions?
YY: There are many traffickers and customers and they don't want to get caught. Often during a raid, only the child is found, and the criminals get away. The child may also be afraid to tell law enforcement who they are. Recently, 390 of 400 arrests were solely the so-called prostitutes. The buyers are rarely caught. Our culture unfortunately still protects traffickers and buyers in many unintended ways.
Yvonne Gardner: How does a parent see the signs of something being wrong?
YY: Looking for changes in behavior: running away, finding a new cell phone, clothing or gifts, a tattoo that can't be explained. Some traffickers tattoo their victims. Search their bedrooms to see who they are communicating with. Many parents are detached from their children's communications. If a child says they are going to be with a "friend", parents need to follow up as sometimes children naively protect each others confidences. Having unexplained cash is another telltale sign.
Katelyn Kaplan: Is there any training at middle school or high schools, so children can be aware of the dangers themselves?
YY: It is very hard to get into the schools. "Love146" and DCF Heart's 45-50 minute curriculum exist for this purpose.  Many parents are not comfortable bringing this topic to light. Teachers and administrators, once learning of this, often become more open to sharing these curricula and will then advocate for the subject.
Kershwin Singh: Any guidance available for children through digital means?
YY: Many brochures, literature and information are available. The McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University (ASU)  has partnered with the ASU Office of Sex Trafficking Intervention Research to develop a comprehensive web-based human trafficking education curriculum aimed at preventing and identifying human trafficking among school-aged youth. The "Project Starfish" curriculum is a free resource for educators that provides a safe and age-appropriate way to educate middle school and high school students on the issue of human trafficking. Learn more about this program at:
Heather Pantano: I've been aware that the Rotary Club of Newington has dedicated its resources towards human trafficking.
YY: Yes, and I've done several presentations to them over last few years. They, and Rotary in general, have been very supportive.
The virtual meeting concluded with the customary recitation of the Rotary 4-Way Test!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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