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Club Information
Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
Fridays at 7:30 AM
Golf Club of Avon
160 Country Club Road
Avon, CT 06001
United States of America
(860) 760-6364
In person starting July 9, 2021. Zoom will also be available for those unable to attend in person.
District Site
Venue Map
Meeting 7/9/21
(NOTE: There is no regular meeting on July 2.
Lonely Rotarians will gather at LaSalle Market at 7:30)
Meeting on 7/9 will be at the Golf Club of Avon.
Club Day
The Year to Come
Let Michael Mezhiritskiy know
if you plan to attend via Zoom.
Sergeant-at-Arms Report 
Rauf gave the sgt-at-arms report, but it took three, including Chris and Katelyn, to welcome us all back together.
Members: 36


Visiting Rotarians: Dave Tedeschi, Assistant District Governor, Marc Glass, District Governor, Presad Menon, District Foundation Chair.


Guests: Jimmy Seekawaabe, Dan Rodriguez, David Ivanoudis, Tracey Pidgeon, Lynn Gillooly.
Happy Dollars: $176

Raffle Winner: No winner. $40 this week; more at the next meeting

Linda Pendergast is the senior woman in the club. (Her announcement of that fact elicited a standinng ovation from the club.) She expressed her gratitude for the love, support and prayers from members of the club in her health ordeal. It has been almost a year since her surgery. She completed her chemo treatments in March and had to leave the meeting early to meet with her oncologist.
Linda likes being in Rotary becaause it is involved in giving service to help others. She was looking forward to going to Maine for three wekks to see her daughter after more than a year. The daughter and her family moved to Maine just about te time of the pandemic.
The room at Favarh where we were meeting wasn't great for speaking accoustics, but it was great for singing. We sounded like we were in the shower when we sang Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday, Linda. We are so glad to have you back among us.
Happy Dollars (and we got a lot!)
The happiest thing was being together!
Sue Budde was happy to see Linda and grateful for all the folks asking about her dog which has not been well.
Gary Miller was happy to be meeting at Favarh and in person. He enjoyed has some people on Zoom we don't see often, but it's nice to be in person. He hopes we move around from table to table more than we have in the past.
District Governor Marc Glass was happy to be invited to this meeting. His year as District Governor certainly Zoomed by (oh, please!). Gave $20 for the Avon Food Bank.
Presad Menon was happy to see friends.
Steve Morris expressed Favarh's gratitude for Rotary's support. The building is really a dream come true, and the collaboration has resulted in strong relationships.
Assistant District Governor Dave Tedeschi complimented us as a great club and said we were fortunate to have Alicia as president. He wants to come to some of our in person meetings at the Golf Club of Avon.
Brian O'Donnell was bemoaning a round of golf on Tuesday with several other Rotarians - 18 hole in the rain.
Scott Nardozzi was happy to see Alicia at the podium - at last.
Heather Pantano enjoyed the District Installation Dinner the night before the meeting. Beginning July 1 she will be Assistant District Governor in Area 8, which includes the New Milford club. How surprising that her Uncle Frank Wargo (twice District Governor) is a member of that club! She assured us that she is not on the track to be District Governor - Yet!
Bob Cave thanked Steve Morris and Don Bonner for bringing about Rotary's invovlvement in this new building. He was also excited that he was about to flip his 29th house. It may be getting harder - Gary Roman is now in the same line of work!
Gary Roman congratulated Alicia for her year as president and looks forward to Chris's incoming year. He did say, after shouting over a noisyy room, that volume control was better with Zoom.
Jolly Lux congratulated Linda on her recovery. She had sttended the District Installation Dinner where all our officers in attendance were women. She is proud to be one of the women and is excited to work on various service projects in the future.
Incoming President Chris congratulated outgoing President Alicia on her year and her ability to keep the club focused through such an extraordinary year. Chris is joyful about being president. She said we are now coming back to give back.
President Alicia thought she had the last word in thanking all for being at the meeting - her first in person. Being president was a great opportunity. Meeting via Zoom wa a challenge, but such good friends made it work. She thanked the board for their hard work. She was also pleased at the amount of food donated by members for the Avon Food Bank.
Of course there were those who needed to get their two cents in. Tom Voorhees congratulated Alicia for conducting one meeting before she was thrown out. Don Bonner gave thanks to everyone. He was veryy touched see so many people present. It was quite an idea to add the Rotary building to an old warehouse. Earlier he had thanked Nancy Nation and Paul Mikkelson for their vision and dedication in making the building a reality.
There will not be a meeting on July 2. On July 9 we will begin meeting at the Golf Club of Avon.
Former member Sabrina Waqar, who recently had a baby, has opened a new office at 20 W. Avon Road. There is an open house on June 30 3-4 p.m.
Upcoming Dates
8/20 Focus golf tournament, Fairview Golf Club, Harwinton
9/13 Rotary Club of Avon/Canton golf tournament
Induction of New Members
David Ivanoudis
David was introduced by Peter Vignati. They met through work. David is with David Jones in Avon lives in Newington. Previously he worked for the Hartford and Proudential in the area of estate and retirement plans. He is from a large Greek family. Unfortunately, he is a Yankees fan.
Welcome, David!
Paul Harris Awards
Jennifer Gonzales received her first Paul Harris award through her own donations and a match by her employer Travelers Insurance. Presad Menon, district foundation chair, presented the award and reminded the club that the $1,000 donation to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund makes it possible to immunized 750 children from polio.
Scott Nardozzi and Greg DeManche also received additional Paul Harris award funded by their donations. Rotary encourages every member to contribute to the foundation every year. Some members make their donations at their birthday, some with annual dues, and some make monthly donations through Rotary's website. All of these help Rotary  to do its work.
Community and International Service Grants
None this week. 

Tour of the Rotary Building at FAVARH
Dedication of a Tree
Due to various problems including improperly installed wall tiles and a pandemic, the club's tour of the Rotary Building was delayed. In spite of a rainy morning, it was a glorious occasion for us to get back together at a meeting for the first time in more than 15 months.
President Alicia wanted to honor the occasion and do something that aligned with Rotary's increased emphasis on the environment. She arranged for a tree to be planted in front of the building which was officially dedicated at the beginning of our tour of the Rotary Building.
Our tour included a number of rooms in the building. Steve explained that the space provided by this building was especially helpful during the pandemic, because people could maintain social distance more easily. The space is used by a variety of day programs.
Fiberglass partitions at these tables made it possible for people to face each other safely during the pandemic.
The building can also be used for recreation as this gym highlights.
At the conclusion of the tour, Steve described some of the programs made possible by this new building. It is amazing that the renovation of an old warehouse, along with the new Rotary addition, is so functional and meets many needs. We are proud to be a part of FAVARH's mission to help the intellectually and developmentally disabled .

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