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Sergeant-at-Arms Report
January 24, 2019
Members Present: 38
Make-Ups: None  
Guests: Matt Schoenhardt, Logan's Foundation for Childhood Cancer
Visiting Rotarians: Dr. Bob Rodner, president-elect of the Manchester Rotary Club
Happy Dollars: $20
Raffle Winner: Peter Vignati
None today sad
Happy Dollars
Salin Low was happy that Capri Frank managed to get married despite the bad weather, but sad that, that same weather prevented her from attending and officiating. She also missed last Friday's Rotary meeting because her dog had run away. Bad dog! Still, the other good news in all this, is that Salin has paid off her house mortgage! Financial pundit Clark Howard would be proud!
Kurt Lux is not exactly happy, but rather frustrated with the so-called Federal government "shutdown", which has idled and temporarily left unpaid, employees of private contractors working for nonprofits that support the disability community. He has been personally thanking TSA workers he encounters in his travels who have remained on duty despite their personal, employment-related travails.
On a related note, Larry Sullivan was happy that Social Security benefits are still being paidlaugh.
Rollie Sterrett, speaking for himself and for Tom Voorhees were discussing the early days of the Early Riser, formerly a print publication. Way back in Anno domini 1978-80, Bill Barnes was the editor, and informed members that when he joined the Club he had plagierized the Early Riser name from his former New Jersey club. [Ed. Note: I'm surprised at this, as when you steal in New Jersey, youse often gets youse legs broke! Bill must know a guy.]
Rollie brought two, early, Early Risers, vintage June 1986 to share with Rotarians. The text included special awards for meritorious acheivement, including: a "Total Confusion Award" to Rollie Sterrett and former member Rollie Hoekman, as well as John and Wade Horsey. Rollie joked: "Who could have foreseen a club with 2 Rollies and 2 Horseys representing 4 future club presidents?" Rollie went on to say they used to mail unused Early Risers to meeting nonattendees. In those days the Club had just 40 members and when they missed meetings they looked forward to catching up on the news. He recalled that after an extended absence due to a back surgery, it was special for him to be kept up to date. Bill Barnes was the first Early Riser editor, and during one year used a yellow colored paper, which led to the claim of so-called "yellow journalism." Bill originated a reported oxymoron to describe Rollie S. as "Dr IQ" for 6+ years. In yesteryear, Rollie had a weekly routine of filling Rotarians in on a Rotary fact of no particular interest to anyone, and then quizzing us on it the following week.  The early, Early Riser that was passed around was dated 6/20/1986 and included this "Thought for the Day": "The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist fears this is true."
Dale Bronson reported that this week baseball player Mariano Rivera was unanimously inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, a richly deserved honor. Dale continued, explaining Rivera was a great player and is a terrific human being.
Linda Pendergast  reported on a gathering at Craig & Nancy Nation's home, to remember the tragic loss of their young grandson Connor. A bench with an engraved plaque were presented to them, in memorium.
Nancy & Craig Nation (photo courtesy of Linda Pendergast)
Continuing, Linda report that Nancy had asked her to share her bad news with us: Chemotherapy for her cancer has failed, and that the suggested next step is hospice. Nancy is a fighter, and just not ready for that. Nancy went to Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC this past Monday and unfortunately learned that there are no new, experimental drug trials available for her. On 1/29  she will be in Houston looking for the same. Nancy believes in prayer and asks that we all pray for her. [Ed. Note: We will, and we love you Nancy!broken heart]
Josh Gillooly thanked the TOTV committee for their hard work, singling out Colleen Sullivan for her contributions.  Despite the threat of a fine, Josh reported his company, Norcom Mortgage in Avon, along with Phil Defronzo, formed their own 501c3 organization, to be called "Norcom Cares."On Thursday 2/7, from 6 to 9 PM they will host a "pub night" style event at the North House, as a fundraiser, with tickets priced at $30.00 pp.
Manchester Rotarian and president-elect of the Manchester Rotary Club, Dr. Bob Radnor reported he was glad to be with us, as a visiting member from the home club of Kate Sims, and complemented us on the way we do things, and on our Early Riser newsletters. [Ed. Note: I sat with Bob and will be sharing this newsletter and any other tips I can with him regarding having a successful Club newsletter. Of course our primary advantage is having a team of editors, sharing the work! Special thanks to leader Salin Low for creating the team, and also to Gary Miller, Larry Haber as well as yours truly for working well together]
President Mike announced that on 3/22/19 the Club will meet at Beanz in Avon.
Gary Miller is looking for a few good members to purchase annual website ads for $100/yr. This supports the cost of the ClubRunner software and website subscription. Ads cycle every few seconds at the upper left-hand corner of the website and are a good way to promote member businesses. Contact Gary if interested.
Calendar of Upcoming Events
Taste of the Valley will be held Saturday, March 30 at 6 PM. 
Induction of New Members
None this week.

Community Service Grant: Logan's Foundation for Childhood Cancer
Logan Schoenhardt with his mom Josephine Schoenhardt (web capture)
Community Service Committee chairman Gary Roman introduced Larry Sullivan, who in turn introduced and welcomed Matthew Schoenhardt of Logan's Foundation for Childhood Cancer. Mr. Schoenhardt, "Matt", who lives in Simsbury, explained that almost two years ago, his ten-year-old son Logan passed away after an extended struggle with neuroblastoma, a brain tumor most commonly occurring in the very young.
During Logan's treatment, in addition to the impact on his son, the disease adversely affected the entire Schoenhardt family, as they struggled to pay both medical and ordinary household expenses. Thanking Larry Sullivan for his support and friendship, and the Club for our donation to Logan's Foundation for Childhood Cancer.  Matt went on to detail their journey from diagnosis to sad conclusion, which Logan and his family had endured.
Logan was first diagnosed by MRI at age 3, and thereafter Matt, his wife Josephine and daughter Kira were devastated, both at the news, and the realization that their family, family plans and future expectations had all been cruelly swept away. They then had to embark on a new life course, one in which simple survival was the goal.
For his part, Logan remained brave throughout his trials, and was a happy kid who laughed a lot. Though almost constantly in the hospital, he ironically enjoyed his overnight stays there.
For the family though, finances were a struggle, as despite medical insurance, the impact of the illness severely stretched the family's budget. Support from family, friends, fellow church congregants and private fundraisers all helped. Meanwhile, during the Schoenhardt's medically-related travels they frequently met other families without the same support systems they had, and were troubled by those family's challenges. Founding Logan's Foundation for Childhood Cancer is the Schoenhardt family's effort to respond to that need, and to help others in similarly awful circumstances. They provide monthly help to affected families including food & gasoline cards, heating fuel cards and electricity bill support. The goal is to walk alongside these families and if necessary, identify other ways to help. Logan's Foundation for Childhood Cancer is now one year old and fulfilling its mission.
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady with Logan Schoenhardt (web capture)
During his short life Logan got to meet his idol, New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady, who was very kind and genuine. Brady sat down and talked with him for an extended period when they met. It was Logan's dream come true. Later, ESPN did a story about Logan who, after meeting Brady, had Brady's team jersey number, "12" engraved into his skull by his surgeon, during his 6th and final operation. Brady's visit with Logan can be viewed here:
At that meeting, Logan brought a football for Tom Brady to sign, to later be a gift for a close friend of his.  Logan knew he was dying, and he still thought to make another person happy. Logan died on 2/13/17. Matt theorizes he had waited one day more, as Logan didn't want to die on the 12th, the number corresponding to Tom Brady's jersey.
Gary Roman concluded by presenting a $2000.00 check to Matt for Logan's Foundation for Childhood Cancer.

Kurt & Jolly Lux, Guiding Light Orphans
September/October 2018 Uganda Mission trip
Rotarians Kurt and Jolly Lux provided a detailed slide presentation and report on the mission trip to Uganda they led last Fall on behalf of the Guiding Light Orphans organization.
The trip was conducted during September and October 2018 and included 13 people from the Farmington Valley. Ten congregants from Simsbury's United Methodist Church and the Avon Congregational Church, as well as Rotarian Phil Ferrari, his wife Beth Ferrari and their friend Mary participated. Of the thirteen, 17 year old Judy stood out as one with a deep passion for service and the GLO mission. [Ed. Note: Sounds like a future Rotary prospect!]
Jolly & Kurt Lux, the GLO "dynamic duo", in action! (web capture)
The purposes of the trip were five-fold, and included: 1. providing for a one-day medical "camp", 2. a one-day epilepsy outreach clinic, 3. a five-day general health clinic, 4. a women and girls empowerment project and 5. a land planning and development project concerning the 3.5 acres of land recently purchased by Guiding Light Orphans.
On the first day, the travelers were tired and required rest from their travels. The group visited Jolly's mother's house for a day of eating, drinking and dancing and drinking, and a good time was had by all.
GLO services (web capture)
The next day, and getting down to business, the one day medical camp was held and provided care for 320 patients. This included a wide variety of services including preventative care talks, mental health screening and assistance, HIV counseling, cancer screening, prenatal services, ophthalmic (eye) care, dentistry, laboratory services including malaria screening and various forms of chronic disease care.
GLO immunization (web capture)
As the days passed, the four other trip focuses each were completed in turn. Unexpectedly, the participating physicians were able to perform minor surgeries, despite some passing concern about appropriate governmental licensing. The group also participated in helping with construction of new public toilets.
Upon her return to the USA, seventeen-year-old participant Judy, expressed her hope to join the Guiding Light Orphans organization's board of directors as its youngest member.
The slide show included several images of our own Phil Ferrari in action.
The planning and development discussions concerning the recently purchased land, clarified that the land is a focus for future GLO projects. They hope to support women, as productive heads of households through future projects on that land, which will also include a health clinic. Career related skills training will be provided such as creating saleable products including backpacks, clothing and soap, will enable future participants to learn skills with which they can earn a living.
Jolly concluded by crediting their local Ugandan Rotoractors for their energy and hard work during the recent trip.
GLO outcomes (web capture)
Preparing to answer Rotarian questions, Jolly was asked by Bob Cave: "The work you've done is Impressive. But do we have to call Phil Ferrari, "Dr Phil" now?" This elicited a few chuckles and several more, partially covert, eye rolls from Rotarians. The Four-Way Test soon followed.

Mail Bag
Nothing this week.
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Photographs courtesy of Phil Worley, unless otherwise indicated.
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