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Club Information
Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
Fridays at 7:30 AM
Golf Club of Avon
160 Country Club Road
Avon, CT 06001
United States of America
(860) 760-6364
In person starting July 9, 2021. Zoom will also be available for those unable to attend in person.
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No Regular Meeting 5/28/21
[Contact 'Lonely Rotarian's Society' for alternatives]
Next Regular Meeting 6/4/21
"Services Cliff"
Yvonne Gardner & Lauren Gardner, Focus Center
The meeting will be held on Zoom. 
Watch for an email from the club.
We are now using a recurring ID, etc.
Sergeant-at-Arms Report 
Participants: 35


Visiting Rotarians: None 


Guests: David Ivanoudis (Prospective Member), Jennifer DiCola-Matos (Speaker)
Happy Dollars Moments: More valuable when shared.

Raffle Winner: No Raffle. No Winners. No Losers.

Fines: None today.
Lauren Gardner will have a birthday on 5/27 and is grateful to have been a part of this club for the last 2 years. She feels our meetings are wonderful and she looks forward to them, even if on Zoom, and is also looking forward to the normalcy we had last Saturday night (at TOTV).
Rollie Sterrett had "another birthday" and when I think about our wonderful club, the most distinguishing thing for me is that this is my 43rd year. I joined in summer 1978 and am the longest continuous member, though Bob Cave joined earlier but with a break. I've had the privilege of serving in all the officer positions and most enjoyed my role in the Youth EXchange program. I recall first going to meetings at Avon Old Farms in 1978, the same year that women were first welcomed to Rotary. We had many discussions about the wisdom of this, as we were all men at the time. That vote was the first time we had a secret ballot.
The result was that women would be allowed to join, though no one knows the final tally. It turned out that it was the very best thing that happened to our Club. Only God knows what that vote was, but I'd heard it was close. Our first female members were Bee Murdoch and Nancy Nation followed by Kathy Hinds, [later Kathy (Hinds) Lucas] and Linda Pendergast. Kathy Hinds later became our first female president.
Happy Moments
Rick Heath: Golfers may remember Laura Baugh a pro-golfer who now teaches at an institute where he recently took a lesson and ended up with a 36 for 9 holes.
Larry Haber: The pandemic has allowed him to work remotely from Massachusetts where he is also taking care of his grand-kids.
Lisa Barrell-Matt : "The TOTV Committee did an amazing job and I had an amazing time. I donated the baskets I bid on to the Children's Hospital."
Joanne Santiago will be flying to Myrtle Beach with her daughter Joelle for much needed R & R.
Robin DiNicola saw Phil Ferrari along with his wife and daughter this week, in bringing over some goodies. He's doing well and looking forward to seeing all of us. He should be back with us soon. Robin will be away visiting a friend over the weekend.
Tom Voorhees met a new neighbor yesterday while splitting logs. From the corner of his eye Tom saw a black creature thinking it was a new neighborhood dog. He soon realized that not three feet from him was a large black bear, who looked at him as he looked at it while slowly retreating to his porch. Tom is thankfully here to report this story to us, but just by a "bear" minimum.
Don Bonner lives next door to Tom, and also noted many bears in the neighborhood yesterday, one of which he reported had big nipples. [Ed. Note: No further comment.]
Salin Low noted it was recently Karen Sterrett's birthday.
Rollie Sterrett thanked Salin for remembering Karen, and reported enjoying TOTV with his group staying at the fire-pit until the wee hours. "The best we've had", said Rollie.
Gary Miller enjoyed TOTV as well and also noted Rollie shares a birthday with Gary's mother. Gary and Peter Vignati visited Phil Ferrari a few days ago and noted he's improving. Phil is likely to need a knee replacement in the near future.
Alicia Canning got the OK from her Atlanta resident daughter Stephanie, to visit in June. Alicia hasn't seen her or her Georgian grand-kids for 20 months and misses them all terribly.
Ann Clark also saw Phil Ferrari and noted he's trying to use a walker. Phil is looking forward to doing the pencil boxes in August.
Linda Pendergast thanked the TOTV committee for the beautiful flower arrangement she got to take home. On Sunday she'll be going to Bath, Maine to visit her daughter and her children.
Lauren Gardner thanked the TOTV committee and reported all her guests had a great time unmasked, and listening to live music, and she's also happy not to have to wear a mask at the gym.
Alicia Canning thanked the members for attending TOTV and the TOTV committee for their great work and everyone who contributed their time and effort. Josh Gilloolly also thanked everyone for their hard work and support. Alicia and Josh both look forward to next year's event.
Alicia reported treasurer Gary Hyde's preliminary analysis revealed our tentative net to be $18,649.00.
Gary Roman thanked the Country Club of Avon for not charging us for the room rental and pointed out that they are a very strong Rotary partner. Gary feels they've treated us well and would be a good place to meet regularly.
Gary Hyde reported TOTV gross was $26,000.00 with overhead just $5000.00. Bottom line was $21,000.00, over $1500.00 higher than the previous high net, in 2017.
Christine Lamadrid and Jim Gordon met with the director of Canton Senior Center this week and we will be allowed to use their kitchen, though the seniors may have to sit outside for future senior lunches. We are looking for a new co-chair for Jim as Christine will be assuming the president's role very shortly.
Alicia Canning noted the Club's storage unit is crowded and disorganized and needs to be cleaned up. Gary Roman and Gary Miller will take the lead on this project. Ann Clark wants to help.
Alicia Canning opened a discussion regarding our future breakfast meeting's location. Options include Farmington Woods and Avon Golf Club and the various breakfast options and price points were discussed. Katelyn Kaplan will distribute a Survey Monkey poll for members to indicate their preferences.
Kershwin Singh added that Blue Fox Run also has breakfast options and also offered to consider hosting us. We will visit there shortly and then vote by survey as described above.
1. We need speakers! Please look through your contacts for speakers beginning in July. See Ike Eichenhorst with any leads.
2. Phil Ferrari will continue to be the recipient of our ongoing Meal Train, every Monday through May 31st.
Upcoming Dates
5/27 District annual meeting (virtual)
6/18 President's Dinner
6/24 District installation dinner
6/25 Avon Dollars for Scholars
6/25 FAVARH, breakfast meeting with food provided by Beanz
7/31 District fundraiser at a Yard Goats game
8/20 Focus golf tournament, Fairview Golf Club, Harwinton
9/13 Rotary Club of Avon/Canton golf tournament
Induction of New Members
None today.
None this week.
Community and International Service Grants
None this week. 

Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society
Jennifer DiCola-Matos
Yvonne Gardner introduced Jennifer DiCola-Matos.
Jennifer DiCola-Matos is the Executive Director of the Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society, located in the c. 1720 National Historic Landmark birthplace of founding father Noah Webster. She has a B.A. in History and Art History from the University of Saint Joseph, West Hartford, CT and a M.A. in American Civilization from Brown University, Providence, RI. She currently serves as an advisor on the Women’s Leadership Center at the University of Saint Joseph, co-chair of the College Club of Hartford’s Events Committee, and chair of the Discussion Committee of the Saturday Morning Club. Prior to her current position, she has worked at variety of museums and historic sites in the Greater Hartford area, including Connecticut’s Old State House, Connecticut Historical Society, Connecticut Landmarks and the Wadsworth Atheneum. She lives in Avon, Connecticut with her husband James, daughters Hannah and Ella, and new puppy Piper.
The Noah Webster house is 300 years old, and was once part of the Webster family's 200 acre farm. At that time West Hartford was a part of Hartford.  Until 1960 the Noah Webster house was privately owned but was incorporated into a foundation in 1965. Today it is also a repository of West Hartford history. The foundation is known as "The Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society."
Noah Webster grew up on the farm, was first in his family to attend college, and his parents mortgaged their property to send him to Yale. He graduated from Yale during the Revolution, but couldn't afford to go to law school, despite his aspiration to become a lawyer.
Instead, he decided to become teacher, and in so doing discovered we were using British school books for our children. In response he wrote the so-called Blue-Back Speller which included a variety of subjects including spelling, history, morality and American pronunciation.
Webster published his dictionary in 1828 after 22 years of effort and it included 70,000 words. As such he is regarded as the father of American English and culture. Webster died in 1843 and thereafter two brothers, the Merriams, bought the rights to his dictionary and edited it. It then became the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, which it remains today. The brothers had the marketing and editing expertise to ensure its longevity, proven by its continued existence today. Dictionary's show how language and words evolve and that we have a living language.
During his life, Webster also wrote on diverse subjects including the climate and the abolition of slavery.
The Foundation's programming includes installing "witness stones" commemorating the lives of local slaves, little known but to history, as well as an "armchair tour" of its collections.
Upcoming events include a fundraiser on June 10th, the virtual War of the Words Game Show on June 12th and an open house, also on June 12th. All are welcome to participate. More information is available at:

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