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Bulletin Editor
Salin Low
May 20, 2022
Introducing UR Community Cares
May 27, 2022
Memorial Day Weekend
Jun 03, 2022
Jun 10, 2022
Food Security
Jun 17, 2022
Jun 24, 2022
Update on FAVRAH
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Happy Dollars
Sue Budde had surgery on Thursday, April 3. Then she lost her dog Gracie the following Tuesday. She really appreciated the cards, notes, and selfie she received from Rotarians. She realized that having family is like breathing – both are necessary to life.
Larry Sullivan was really happy; $10 happy! He remembered that Arnie Goldman recently was happy about having a new name. Larry got a new one a few days before the meeting – great granddad! Of course he has always been a great granddad, but this is a new generation. His granddaughter had twins: The boy was born first and weighed 5lb.8oz.  The girl was born second and weighed  4lb.11oz. Larry figured she kicked her brother out, so she could be in charge – and that will be the pattern to come.
Lisa Barall-Matt was $5 happy! The five signified the 50 pounds she has lost over about a year. (She looks Fabulous!) Over the weekend she was going to Boston to celebrate her daughters’ birthdays. This week she is going to Florida to be with her mom.
Bob Cave was happy that he had brought someone with him to the meeting – past president Dick Kisiel.
Dick Kisiel was happy to be back, at least for the morning. He appreciated the warmth of the welcome when he came in and said you know when you walk in that the Avon-Canton Rotary is something special.
Dale Bronson was happy to be cancer free, so he could attend his granddaughter’s first soccer game. Then he was going to ShopRite to do a shift for the Rotary Day of Service. He told a joke about a baseball game between Heaven and Hell. He should tell you the punch line.
Linda Pendergast was in Bass, ME with her daughter. She was excited that her granddaughter has a paid internship this summer and even received a signing bonus! Her grandson, who is quite talented, has been accepted for a prestigious music camp. She seen Hank Frey’s wife Jean, who says he’s doing well. He sends his sweetest regard.
Natasha Haims was happy not to be driving on a Friday morning.

April 9th: Rotary Day of Service:  Heather Pantano reminded everyone of the upcoming day of service in front of Big Y and ShopRite. (As of the meeting, there were 92 bags of food sold at ShopRite. Chuck Joseph prepared these with the items on the Canton Food Bank's wish list and charged $10 for each bag. By the end of the Day of Service, approximately 140 bags had been sold plus individual purchases and cash donations.)
May 14th: Taste of the Valley at Golf Club of Avon
Induction of New Members
None this week.
None this week.
Community and International Service Grants
Focus Center for Autism
Gary Roman, chair of the Community Services committee, presented a check for $750 to Yvonne Gardner, representing Focus Center for Autism. The club is a gold sponsor for the Focus Golf Tournament to be held at the Torrington Country Club on June 20. We will also send two foursomes to the tournament. The club has an ongoing relationship with Focus, which provides educational and support for those with autism and their families.
                                Kateri Medical Services    
Yvonne Gardner, chair of the International Service committee, presented a check for $1,300 to The Rev. Tom Furrer, president of Kateri Medical Services. Looking on are Rollie Sterrett and President Chris LaMadrid. The grant provides meds used during their annual clinic. Our grant will help 562 Nigerians this year. The club has donated $8,800 to Kateri for meds in the past.
Club Information
Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
Fridays at 7:30 AM
Golf Club of Avon
160 Country Club Road
Avon, CT 06001
United States of America
(860) 760-6364
All meetings are hybrid both in-person and Zoom available
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April 22, 2022
2nd Lt. George Pavlakis
Update on his Studies in Munich
The meeting will be held in person at Golf Club of Avon and via Zoom. 
Watch for an email from the club.
We are now using a recurring ID, etc.
2nd Lieutenant George A. Pavlakis
Note: The club granted a scholarship to George Pavlakis for graduate study in Munich. We stipulated that George would provide a quarterly report about his activities. The most recent report is reprinted below. We also look forward to hearing from George via Zoom this Friday.
            In December, I finished out the last couple weeks of classes for the year, before taking a short trip to Jordan with some friends from school. One of them is Jordanian, so we stayed with his family in the capital city, Amman, while exploring the country. We visited several interesting sites such as the dead sea, roman ruins, and the Royal Tank Museum, giving an interesting glimpse into Jordanian culture and history. Over the Christmas holiday break I celebrated the holidays with Janina’s family while getting most of my schoolwork done. I had several papers and presentations to prepare that were due late January through the end of March and wanted to finish them as early as possible to free up the February-April semester break. I was done with most of my schoolwork by late January/early February, with two tests in February remaining for the semester. In January, I also visited Lisbon for a weekend, where I learned about Portugal’s colonial history and the experience under dictatorship in the mid-20th century.
            In February, I took my remaining two final exams and worked to prepare for some events later in the month and into March. I met with a researcher at the Hanns Seidel foundation, a think tank in Munich from which I had met another researcher in November and discussed the trans-Atlantic relationship and our respective backgrounds. By this time, the gathering storm of Russia’s war against Ukraine was far too apparent, and this was a major topic of our discussion.
            Two organizations I’m in, the Academic Association for Security Studies (BSH) and Model United Nations TUM were also invited to organize and host a side-event at the Munich Security Conference in late February. We organized and held a two-day NATO crisis simulation centred on a hypothetical resurgence of the Cyprus conflict that drew Greece and Turkey into conflict with each other. Participants were responsible for managing the crisis and attempting to find a solution to resolve the hostilities.
            I also joined an online meeting with the Munich-International Rotary Club with a professor from the University of St. Gallen who discussed the Russo-Ukrainian conflict and the history of the two countries. He, like the vast majority of the Europeans I discussed the issue with before the conflict broke out, did not think Russia would attack. Unfortunately, they were wrong, and the full-fledged Russian invasion of Ukraine began on February 24. I participated in a different event hosted by my university and the BSH that day, where several professors and members of the German parliament discussed the impacts of the invasion on Ukraine, Germany, and Europe. Since then, I’ve helped sort medical supplies at a donation center here in Munich, which has seen a large number of Ukrainian refugees arrive since the conflict began out of some 4 million people who have fled the country thus far.
            Early March, I went to Cyprus for a week with Janina and some friends (one of whom I went to Avon high school with). While we were there, Janina and I got engaged! We’re planning on getting married the summer of 2023 and are diving into the planning process. After returning from Cyprus, I joined a battalion from the 173rd Airborne Brigade for a training rotation at the Grafenwöhr Training Area 2 hours north of Munich in Germany. I was originally supposed to go to Israel for an exercise with them, but that was likely cancelled due to the unfolding crisis in eastern Europe. We spent a week in the field conducting squad live fires and several ranges, where squads from the platoon and company I stayed with trained in clearing trenches and bunkers as well as employing machine guns, anti-tank weapons, and grenade launchers. It was a great (but chilly) learning experience with a high-quality unit, and a nice opportunity to reconnect with the Army after several months away from a military environment. After finishing, I travelled to Australia for a week to see my relatives there. The last time I visited was in 2017, so it was nice having the opportunity to reconnect and see them. I made time to meet with a professor at the University of Sydney who specializes in Indo-Pacific security policy, and we had an hour-long conversation on the region where I learned a great deal!
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