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Getting to Know Steve Horenstein
Steve Horenstein became a member of the Avon-Canton Rotary Club in February of this year.  He was born and raised in Connecticut and is a 1973 graduate of the University of Connecticut.  Following graduation he attended a Respiratory Therapy program at Hartford Hospital.  He then worked for 12 years as a Respiratory Therapist at Mt. Sinai Hospital.  In 1987 Steven left Mt. Sinai and started his own company called Per Diem Medical.  It was the first company in the state to supply respiratory therapists to hospitals on an as-needed basis.  Five years later Steven started another company called Help at Home, which supplied homemakers, companions and personal care assistants to senior citizens.  He sold the company in 2020 and is now retired.  Steven lives in Simsbury with his wife Arlene.  He has two daughters who both reside in Boston.  
Steve Horenstein was sponsored by his friend, Larry Haber. Come to one of our meetings and meet many more of our nearly 70 Rotarian members from the Farmington Valley and beyond.
Club Information
Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
Fridays at 7:30 AM
Golf Club of Avon
160 Country Club Road
Avon, CT 06001
United States of America
(860) 760-6364
All meetings are hybrid both in-person and Zoom available
District Site
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September 2, 2022
Lonely Rotarians
NOTE:  There will not be a regular meeting due to the holiday.
We will gather at LaSalle market at 7:30 for breakfast & chatting.
Sergeant-at-Arms Report - 
Rotarians Present: 23
Visiting Rotarians:  None
Guests:  Penny Phillips (Favarh)
Happy Dollars:  $24
Raffle Prize: $20
Raffle Winner: None
Birthdays: Heather Pantano was not present.
Special Note
President Chris unable to be at the meeting, because she is in isolation following her kidney transplant. We're not sure how many people she checked with to arrange a substitute to lead the meeting. However, the final nominee arrived with a badge that read: Fill In President Sterrett. Henceforth he was a addressed as Fill.
Happy Dollars
Gary Hyde – Happy about the chance to visit with his 5 grandchildren.
Larry Sullivan – Happy to keep busy putting together school supplies. They were delivered on Thursday by Tom Voorhees, Larry Sullivan and Alicia Canning. When they got to the center of Farmington, there were cops whizzing by them from several directions. The cops were after a small dump truck, which was trying to evade them. When the cops surrounded the truck, the truck driver turned and headed right toward the Rotarians. Fortunately he stopped before hitting them, but Alicia was more than a little scared. One cop had a dog and chased the driver. When the driver was caught, it was clear he had tried hard to get away, because his tires were shredded. This could have been a case of putting service way above self.
Sue Budde had missed a week and had a great vacation. She was happy to learn of President Chris's kidney transplant. She was also happy that the golf tournament was almost done and thanked everybody for their help. (She was still looking for ads to come in ASAP). She was very happy about her new puppy Willow.
Phil Ferrari was happy to be back from a Rhine River cruise. He and Beth met another couple they traveled with. He was they made it the whole way on the river despite very low water. There were a lot of castles – and he saw them all.
Peter Vignati – Thanked Colleen Grasso for organizing the school supplies. He thought Alicia was a little crazy trying to get things together
Gary Miller was happy to get to Rochester and to see a Buffalo Bills pre-season game. It was a great game although they saw some players who will be cut in getting the team down to 50. He was playing golf with Phil Ferrari after meeting the meeting.
Yvonne Gardner– will be missing next three meetings: September 9 is Lauren’s wedding celebration. Yvonne and her husband will be celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary, and a cousin is coming for a visit. She will miss most of us.

The golf tournament is coming up quickly.  We still need more golfers, sponsors, and ads.  In particular, we need help with items for the silent auction. Contact Cherie Morris who is putting together the baskets
Steve Morris clarified the details of the benefit concert for Favarh at Simsbury Meadows at 6:00 p.m.on September 10th. There will be tables of eight, and the tickets are $50 per person. Food can be brought in or bought at food trucks nearby. Alcoholic beverages must be purchased at the venue. There are two Rotary tables, and payment for the tickets can go to Gary Hyde who will write one check for the tables. Contact Favarh if you want additional tickets.
Friday, September 2 - Lonely Rotarians at LaSalle Market
Monday, September 12 - 40th annual Charity Golf Tournament
Induction of New Members
None this week.
None this week.
Community and International Service Grants
None this week.
 Club Day
The Three Garys
Gary Miller kicked off the presentation by reintroducing the concept of a monthly Club Day. Starting in August, the last meeting of every month will be held at FAVARH.  These will be Club Days so that we can do a better job of getting to know each other and reestablish why we are Rotarians.
Gary Roman followed with a comprehensive discussion about the Community Service Committee. He described the committee as the recipient of the hard work of the club's members in making the fundraisers a success. The beneficiaries of the committee's work are primarily nonprofit groups which meet the needs of our local communities.

The mission statement includes the areas the committee believes are important to our communities. They line up very well with Rotary's areas of focus.
The committee has set criteria for the charities who are eligible to receive grants. They must be primarily serving members of our communities. There is also a dollar limit of $2,500 for grants. Of the requests in the last year, 21 of 28 were approved. However, the committee's budget allowed for less than half of the amounts requested. One exception in the past year was the donation for Ukrainian refugee relief. The committee provided some of the funds sent for this purpose, matching club members' donations.

The committee meets on the first Friday of the month after the regular club meeting. In addition members may be asked to learn more about specific grant requests and the operation of the requesting entity.
The budget for the committee depends on the resources of the club, which come largely from the club's fundraising activities - the golf tournament and Tastes of the Valley. The budget took a dip in fiscal 2021 due to the Covid pandemic and the need to cancel the Tastes of the Valley in 2020. The budget for 2023 is tentatively the same as 2022, which supposes a successful golf tournament.
The grant request requirements have been developed over the years and provide consistency among the various requests. They also encourage representatives of the requesting group to make a presentation to the club, so that members can better understand how the grant will be used and the ways the charity benefits the community. It is also good when members can provide service or support to the charity, thereby strengthening the club's ties to the charity.
One of the organizations which has received grants from the club, as well as providing opportunities for service is the Veterans' Base Camp. There was a work day for club members last year, and there will be another one on September 24. This meets the club's desire to benefit veterans and reminds us that Rotary is indeed a service organization. The projects members will undertake require minimal skill and benefit from more people being involved.
Gary Hyde, club treasurer extraordinaire, presented the financial summary shown below. A few items which were noted:
1. Moving to QuickBooks online will enable the club to have more than one person handle the finances of the club. This is a good financial safeguard.
2. The lower dues to the district and Rotary International were an aberration caused by the pandemic. The $10,000 budgeted in the current year is the same amount as before the pandemic.
3. When the club met at the Avon Old Farms Hotel, we were able to charge a bit more for breakfast than we paid the hotel, which resulted in club income for the year. Now we pay Golf Club of Avon exactly what members pay for breakfast. In fact, the club is charged for a minimum number of people, which we haven't always met recently.
We appreciate the years of dedication Gary Hyde has given to the club as treasurer. A standing ovation at the end of his presentation was a small tribute to his service.

Special Announcements

None this week.
Mail Bag
None this week.
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