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Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
Fridays at 7:30 AM
Golf Club of Avon
160 Country Club Road
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United States of America
(860) 760-6364
In person starting July 9, 2021. Zoom will also be available for those unable to attend in person.
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August 13, 2021
Club Day
Rotary Job Fair
Members Present: 32
Guests: Erin Devine (speaker), Eileen Carroll (speaker), Deborah Altschwager (prospective member)
Visiting Rotarians: None.
Happy Dollars: $40.00
Raffle: $26.00 - No winner.
Fines: None.
Greg DeManche (8/5) joined our Club in February 2007, almost 17 1/2 years ago. "It has been a privilege and an honor to be associated with such a fine, fine, fine group of individuals" opined Greg, whose effusive praise for our Club was matched only by his advancing age. ;-) Happy Birthday Greg!
Lisa Barrall-Matt (8/7) joined our Club 12 years ago, and was a Rotarian in Bloomfield before first moving to Canton. Lisa now resides in West Hartford but thankfully can still make it to our meetings. On another note, Lisa's Mom took a bad fall recently, spent 9 days in ICU and 4 weeks in rehab, but the good news is she is getting stronger and will be getting out next week. Lisa is therefore back and forth to Florida every other week. [Ed: On behalf of the Club, this editor wishes your Mom well Lisa, and a long and happy life thereafter!]
Happy Dollars:
Sue Budde's daughter in California called recently and will be having a baby. Sue is thrilled and ready to be a Grandma 2x!
Peter Vignati had some good news to share as his son Andrew is recently engaged. Andrew's intended is a teacher and also has a pottery busiess. Peter's wife is going to retire along with him, (which, see below, Bill Barnes thinks may not be such a good idea.) Peter's other son Eric had an accident recently, badly injuring his knee. Having since had surgery and recovering, Eric is expected to soon resume his normal activities.
Gary Miller's youngest daughter turned 41 today (August 6th).
Bob Cave is taking his wife to Vermont [Ed. Note: And hopefully bringing her back afterwards!]. The couple has been married 58 years, and spent 60 years as friends. Bob noted that they had shared an anniversary with Nancy Nation, who we all lost not very long ago.
Rollie Sterrett celebrated his 4th decade in the club this month, having been a member for 44 years and joining alongside Don Lucas.  When he joined, Bob Cave was president and the longest continuous serving, and a charter member. Following Bob's temporary break in membership, Rollie moved ahead in seniority.  In those bygone days, they drove their horse drawn wagons and buckboards to a restaurant named "Bonanzas", where a large brass cuspidor held a place of honor along the outside wall and firearms had to be checked at the bar. At one point, with no Canton members among the membership, the banner was altered to say only "Avon." Later,  Lulubelle's husband Sevy hired a tailor named Charlie, to sew the name back on. [Ed. Note: Even later, some time after the famous Earp - Clanton - Sterrett family gunfight, Bonanza's fell on hard times, as few Rotarians felt safe enough to go there. "Who was that masked man?", they kept asking. Well as you know, now it's everyone......but I digress.]
Bill Barnes warned Peter Vignati about the perils of retiring at same time as his bride. He and Mrs. Barnes managed to retire in a staggered fashion, and repeatedly, avoiding spending too much unoccupied time together with no defined purpose. There were challenges when both were at home. Peter, in contrast noted that the recent Covid lockdown taught him he, and they, could do it.
Arnie Goldman, noting the challenge of following the Club's two most prodigious and loquacious story tellers, was finally pleased to report that his son Bryan was recently engaged to his fiance Joan, and that the couple, as well as Arnie's daughter Allison and her husband Phillip Lee, will be visiting the Goldman homestead in Canton next week. Allison and Phillip are moving back east from Dallas permanently, having lived in Dallas for the last few years. Phillip Lee is an advertising executive, now based in NYC. The Goldman's will therefore have a full house next week, when both kids and their spouses come to visit. The former Texans will reside with the Goldman's in Canton, while they seek a new home of their own in the greater NYC metropolitan area.
Alicia Canning's daughter, a cancer survivor, recently had a PET scan, which revealed an unexpected bone lesion in her leg. The doctors think it may be just  be a hairline fracture.
Heather Pantano was pleased to have joined a group of Rotarians at the Yard Goats last Saturday. Along with the "Gary contingency" (Hyde, Roman, Miller) and others she had a great time even though our team lost. They also had great weather.
Salin Low told a joke about golfing, groins and massage. See Salin for details.
Lisa Wright recognized Chris LaMadrid's recent birthday.
Greg DeManche - noted that our Club now has another set of birthday "twins", along with Bill Barnes and Gary Roman. August 5th is that birthday and Chris Lamadrid and Greg DeManche are those twins!
Gary Miller shared that sponsors and golfers for the golf tournament are still behind this time last year, but are expected to catch up in the final weeks. Gary encouraged us to reach out to old and new supporters ASAP.
Jim Gordon shared that the membership committee has met and approved Debbie Altschwager for membership in the Club. Debbie is sponsored by Cherie Morris and her name has been submitted to the Board  for final approval. Welcome aboard Debbie!
8/16 Pencil box assembly at Heather Pantano's house at 6 PM. 490 boxes are to be assembled. Pizza will be served. BYOB
8/17 Rotary Senior Luncheon, to be held at Avon Senior Center.
8/20 Focus golf tournament, Fairview Golf Club, Harwinton
9/13 Rotary Club of Avon/Canton golf tournament
Induction of New Members:
None this week.
None this week.
Community and International Service Grants
                     Jolly Lux, Chris Lamadrid, Yvonne Gardner (L to R)
                                         [Photograph by Jim Gordon]
[Photo by Jim Gordon]
Alicia Canning announced that the Club's International Grants Committee has approved a $10,000.00 contribution to the Guiding Light Orphanage, led by our own Jolly Lux. The grant will be used to fund a water access project in a local village Uganda. In addition to our Club's grant,  a Rotary District grant for $2550.00 has also been approved. Finally, Jolly has also sought a Rotary Foundation Global Grant which is under consideration as well. Jolly will be leavig for Uganda in. the near future and expects to begin using the grant funds for their intended purpose immediately. President Chris Lamadrid pointed out "just how much difference this grant and project will make in the lives of real people in Uganda. This is why we raise funds with TOTV and Golf." Chris, continuing said:  "Jolly, when you go to Uganda, you go not only with our check but with the love and support of all our members." Replying, Jolly said: "I am overjoyed and feeling great love from all  of you this morning. Thank you! When we started we thought we would do just a few things, but now with these resources we are able to do so much more. You helped us build the clinic and now we can bring access to clean water to so many. 51% of Ugandans collect water from the surface, using unsafe rivers, ponds and streams.  Further, 43 million people , 82% of Ugandans don't have access to proper sanitation facilities. Women spend 68% of every day walking 4 to 6 miles per day collecting water, resulting in children spending far less time in school than they should. Together we are changing that. We take what we have for granted here, but there they lose so many children to water borne disease." Becoming emotional, Jolly added; "When I go there on 8/15, I will be taking all of with me in my heart. God bless you all!"
100 Women Who Can - Farmington Valley
Erin Devine & Eileen Carroll
Erin Devine and Eileen Carroll were introduced by Sue Budde
Sue Budde,  Erin Devine, Eileen Carroll ( L to R)
[Photograph by Arnie Goldman]
Ms. Devine is a middle school social studies teacher, has three children of her own and is on the school board. Ms. Carroll is a mother of two, an attorney and together they and their organization have raised and donated over $250,000 to Hartford County not-for-profit organizations.
Ms. Devine modeled their "giving circle" after a similar program established in Michigan adding that there are over 750 similar groups in the world, most located in the US.
The organization meets 4 times yearly for just an hour, with BP (before pandemic) meetings held at the North House, and AD (after 'demic onset) meetings held on Zoom.
One must be a member of the organization to nominate a not-for-profit group to compete for their funds.  Together they select three charities to present and choose from, and everyone in the room donates at least 100 dollars. They believe in the power of those 100 , as many $100 checks coming together really help the chosen organizations. After the presentations they vote on who will get the award. The received award is $10,000.00 ($100.00 x 100 women), is a significant amount and can assist a group greatly in achieving its goals.
The most recent organization receiving funding was Horizons at Ethel Walker School. Horizons at Ethel Walker School serves 130 students in grades PreK - 7th Grade. Quoting the Horizons executive director, Ms. Princess Hyatt, “Horizons at The Ethel Walker School is the nation's first all-girls Horizons program aiming to serve underserved students who attend Hartford public schools. Horizons creates the conditions, connections, and community that enable every girl who attends to gain the skills, confidence and motivation to overcome the opportunity gap and realize her potential. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the inequities in our education system painfully apparent and even exacerbated. Now, more than ever, our underserved children need access to opportunities to help them thrive, despite the achievement gap they face."
100 Women Who Can - Farmington Valley came together in 2017 due to unhappiness about the polarized national political situation, recognizing we have a lot more in common as people, than issues that may divide us. Ms. Devine said: "It is my favorite 4 hours of every year." and is "100% feel good." Currently they have close to 200 members and further, there are now many analogous groups such as a men's group, a group for small businesses.
Learn more about "100 Women Who Can - Farmington Valley"  at:

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