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Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
Fridays at 7:30 AM
Golf Club of Avon
160 Country Club Road
Avon, CT 06001
United States of America
(860) 760-6364
In person starting July 9, 2021. Zoom will also be available for those unable to attend in person.
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November 5, 2021 Program
From Apartheid South Africa
Living the American Dream
Kershwin Singh
Members Present: 35
Guests: None
Speaker: Margery Winters attended online
Visiting Rotarians: Art Schaller, New Britain-Berlin Rotary
Happy Dollars: $213.00 for World Polio Day
Raffle winner: Gary Hyde
Fines: None.
Birthdays: Brian O'Donnell celebrated elsewhere. Happy Birthday!
Happy Dollars:
Larry Sullivan was happy to have his COVID booster - clean, green, and glowing. Then he told a couple of jokes: one about an 80-year old getting a prescription for birth control and one about little girls who want to grow up to be taxi drivers (you had to be there).
Art Schaller from the New Britain-Berlin Rotary was happy to be making a field trip to our club to sell Christmas wreaths to support their club's scholarship program. See details in Annoucements below.
Ann Clark was happy that a nice man had put Service above Self while she and some helpers were cleaning up the voting area during heavy rain on the preceding Monday. The gentleman decided that the crew deserved a treat and brought donuts and coffee, which were much appreciated. Ann also reminded the club about the FAVARH online auction which takes the place of the gala they have held in prior years. Please participate as you are able.
Bob Cave spoke about "inspector dread" when a house is ready to be sold. Inspectors can find all sorts of nitpicky things. When he got a call last week, he worried what it could be. Turned out that the inspector couldn't turn up the heat, because the control was tied to Bob's phone.
President Chris announced that the December 3 meeting will be at Tower Ridge Golf Club. Sarah Leathers's Healing Meals is operating from that facility. Rotarians can see operation and maybe participate in the preparation of meals. The club recently gave a grant for the purchase of a commercial blender to make preparation much easier.
Bill Barnes thanked members for their notes and calls after the recent death of his son. He was also thankful to receive the Early Riser which kept him in touch with club activities while he was away. (The Early Riser wouldn't be nearly as newsy if Bill hadn't edited it for three years.) Some members had a challenge sending Bill and Pat cards during his absence. Although they moved two years ago, the new address didn't make it to Club Runner until recently. Now it's correct.
Alicia Canning gave a donation for Polio Plus as well as offering thanks for the help she received after her recent surgery. She appreciated the meals, although she can't quite remember all of them. After general anesthesia it is best not to drive or to order from Amazon.
Jolly Lux was excited that GLO was benficiary of support from West Avon Congregational Church, from Asbury United Methodist Church, and from Avon Congregational Church - all within a few days. She received several checks, including one for $4,000. She felt very blessed.
There were also several donations for Polio Plus.
Art Schaller of the New Britain-Berlin Rotary passed around a sign-up form for holiday wreaths. The wreaths are assembled by CW Industries, which helps the intellectually disabled. Proceeds from the wreaths benefit the club's scholarship program. Wreaths cost $25.00 and will be delivered during the December 3 meeting. If you wish to order a wreath and missed the meeting, contact Salin Low at
Rollie Sterrett has been organizing a car pool to the November 7 Foundation Brunch. Contact him if you want to share a ride to this celebratory event.
SAVE THE DATE:    Our meeting on Friday, November 12th will be a very special day.    We will celebrate and honor Veterans!   Our Friday morning meeting will be held at Dish 'n Dat.    We will partner with Dish 'n Dat's owner, Dan Keller, to make this a very meaningful celebration for our local veterans.    Dan is well known for his dedication to our community and to our veterans.    Mark your calendar and be sure to attend.   More details will be coming from Heather Pantano, Chair of the People of Action Committee.
November 12 - Meeting honoring veterans at Dish n Dat.
November 26 - No regular meeting. Lonely Rotarians meet at LaSalle Market in Canton.
December 3 - Meeting at Tower Ridge hosted by Healing Meals.
Foundation Chair Joanne Santiago presented a Paul Harris+3 pin to Larry Sullivan and a Paul Harris+2 pin to Sue Budde. These pins were earned through points given for their involvement in the golf outing. These are two members who really exemplify Service above Self. Congrations and thanks from the club!
Community and International Service Grants: None today
Pollinator Pathway
Margery Winters
Katelyn Kaplan introduced Margery Winters, who is involved with Roaring Brook Nature Center. Ms. Winters gave an online presentation about the need for better habitat for pollinating plants, especially along the Eastern areas of our country. One of the problems is that our plants are not native. Such plants can become invasive and difficult to control. The poisons which kill them also kill some of the necessary pollinating insects such as bees. Other problems include extensive landscaping of property, which provides no food for bees or other insects. As a result of activities such as these, the insect population is declining sharply. This means a decline in food crops, as well as the propagation of the plants which control damaging insects and invasive plants.
Other creatures are also affected by the lack of habitat for insects. Native plants are required to provide food for caterpillars. Without caterpillars there is less food for baby birds. Baby birds need approximately 5k-9k caterpillars per nest to feed the birds until they are mature. The caterpillars also need to be located relatively close to the nest, because the parents do not travel very far for food. And of course the lack of caterpillars also results in a lack of butterflies. Butterflies also need to feed on native plants. They will eat all sorts of plants, but plants like butterfly bushes are not native and will not support continuation of the species.
There has been much interest in replicating a sort of Bee Highway like one in Norway. Now there are efforts to create and continue such a pathway from Maryland to Vermont. Gardens of native plants can help to create habitat. They should be planted with native plants which will attract insets. Many of the towns in our area have groups which are working to create the sort of gardens which will attract and support the pollinators needed to have a healthy insect population to support a healthy human population.

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