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Lauren Gardner
Jan 28, 2022
Peace Corps Experience and Path to Favarh
Feb 04, 2022
Introduction of new Director
Feb 11, 2022
Feb 18, 2022
Feb 25, 2022
Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford
Mar 04, 2022
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Club Information
Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
Fridays at 7:30 AM
Golf Club of Avon
160 Country Club Road
Avon, CT 06001
United States of America
(860) 760-6364
In person starting July 9, 2021. Zoom will also be available for those unable to attend in person.
District Site
Venue Map
October 15, 2021
Hartford Rescue Mission: God's Work. His Will. Our Hands.
Reverend Gregg Woods
Members Present: 30
Members Virtually: 2
Guests: Noelle Casey of the KC Sisters (Guest of Yvonne Gardner)
Speaker: Jolly Lux, Guiding Light Orphans
Visiting Rotarians: None
Happy Dollars: $60
Raffle: Jolly Lux
Fines: None.
Birthdays: Phil Worley (10/5) said, "It's great to be here, better than the alternative! I'm very happy to be here today!"
Josh Gillooly (10/6) said Phil invited him 15 years ago into the club and doesn't consider the club a second family, but rather an extension of his own family. 
Salin Low (9/20) Shared a very COVID birthday story. She tried to celebrate with family in Chicago but packed her bags and headed home early when COVID was contracted by her family members. She did celebrate with her childhood babysitter in NYC, they attempted to visit the Met, but it's closed on Wednesdays. Thankfully, they came up with alternative plans and she ended up having a great time. 
Scott Nardozi (9/27) did not celebrate his birthday this year. After the recent loss of his mother, it was too difficult to celebrate because he and his mother's birthdays are just a few days apart. Scott thanked and shared his deep gratitude for the club for our continued support and love during this difficult time.
Happy Dollars:
Larry Haber paid correction dollars and apologies for his mistake in the early riser last week. Phil Ferrari has 3 rubies and a Paul Harris plus 8.
Scott Nardozi reported Alicia while in pain, had a successful surgery. Her daughter Stephanie will be coming up to stay with Alicia.
Sue Budde gave $5 because she is excited to take a two week road trip with her husband. The ultimate plan is to end up at Mt. Rushmore and she plans to see the Jolly Green Giant statue on the way and stop in Nebraska to see Car Henge. She promises photos!
Lisa Barrall-Matt celebrated her father's heavenly birthday, he would have been 95 the day before. She and her husband Todd will be heading up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to celebrate 15 years of marriage. After New Hampshire, she will be flying back to Florida to be with her mother who fractured her back.
Gary Miller is looking forward to more rounds of golf in the coming week and hopes to reprise the District Golf Tournament which was rained out.
Natasha Haims was very happy to celebrate her son who was married on September 5.
Ann Clark shared the FAVARH virtual auction. She also shared a PSA that every person should have self-jumping car battery. Her car died on New Britain Ave the other day and much to the shock of the man trying to help her she jumped her own car with this nifty battery. Here is a link of the battery
October 16 Gary Roman has organized a workday at the Veterans Base Camp in Chaplin, CT, on Saturday, October 16th from 9 AM to around 3 PM. Projects include deck repair, interior painting, gardening, and others. Please contact Gary if you are interested. Carpooling can be arranged.
Induction of New Members: None today.
Correction: in last week's edition of the Early Riser it was mistakenly reported Joanne Santiago presented Phil Ferrari  with his Paul Harris Plus 3.  The correction is; Phil was presented with his third ruby. Phil has a Paul Harris plus 8 and 3 rubies. 
Community and International Service Awards: None.
Jolly Lux
Project Update
“When you have a winning spirit, everything is possible,” Jolly Lux
Yvonne Gardner introduced our very own Jolly Lux is the FOUNDER AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Guiding Light Orphans, Inc. (GLO) a charity organization, whose vision is to improve the quality of life for orphaned children and their caregivers affected by HIV/AIDS in rural Uganda. Their mission is guided by four main pillars of building strategic 1) partnerships and collaboration, 2) operational excellence, 3) Sustainability, and 4) Innovation to deliver Basic Health Care & hygiene, Sustainable Nutrition, Economic Strengthening, Basic education, and literacy. GLO has transformed the lives of over 50,000 vulnerable individuals in its six years of operation with access to clean water, medical care and social support, micro-enterprise programs, and leadership training.
  • Nearly four hundred families have access to clean water with a reduction in water-borne diseases.
  • As a result of her work, over 270 epileptic patients are served every month and an estimated 85% are seizure-free and doing remarkably well.
  • Over 25 young women have acquired new skills that have allowed them to be employable therefore earning them income to support themselves and their families.
  • Thousands have access to medical care at the clinic which will continue to deliver comprehensive, primary healthcare to a target population of about 900 patients per month to emphasize delivery of essential, basic healthcare at the Community Health Center. 
Jolly Lux has been a member of the Rotary Club of Avon-Canton since April 2011 and enjoys every bit of it and the club has become her second family through service. Every Friday morning is like a family get-together for her. 
Jolly updated our club on her exciting and inspiring projects including the water project, funded by club donations.
What was Accomplished
Using club donation of $10,000 GLO began the hydraulic well drilling.
  • The community needs assessment was done
  • 7 days including field sampling of 40 households in two villages
  • The research was done by two data collection assistants and two community health workers
  • A detailed report of the findings is available
  • Deep well drilling was done over 3 days period
  • 101 Meters drilled (330 feet)
  • Projected to produce 17,200 liters/hour of water (4,543 gallons/hour)
  • Reopen the women's sewing project
  • Provided new sewing materials
  • New product line developed - baby blankets for newborns
  • Oversee the Epilepsy program
  • Pineapple project doing well - fencing done
  • Recruitment of new patients - 277 as of 9/25/2021

What is next: NOVEMBER 2021 TRIP

a. Test pumping to ensure quality and adequate quantity water and once this exercise is completed, the contractors will write their report and submit it to the Uganda Ministry of Water and Environment - two days.
b. We will also mobilize to meet with local stakeholders to engage in community dialogues regarding sanitation and hygiene practices and behavior change as one of our goals.
c. GLO has planned for another trip in early November where we will host one of our long time donors who have been supporting our epileptic community.

Next on Agenda: March/ April Trip and another Summer Trip - Rotarians are invited to join us

a. Purchase of solar panels,
b. Community Health education will begin in March - April in our next trip.
c. Design and Construction of a 26,000-gallon water reservoir.
Inspiring fun fact: for $1.50 per month 1 person is provided with clean water.
$10,000 will provide 500 people clean water for a year. 

Special Announcements: None this week.
Mail Bag: None this week.
Photo Credits: Mike Mezheritskiy and Arnie Goldman
Technology Credits: Mike Mezheritskiy [Unless otherwise indicated]
Editor's Notes
Submission Deadline: Members are kindly encouraged to submit all materials directly to the week's designated editor for inclusion in that week's Early Riser, and to do so as early as possible. Please note that some editions may be published and distributed as early as the Saturday following the most recent meeting, and therefore further contributions will not. be included in that week's edition.
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