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Note: There is no regular meeting on September 3.
Lonely Rotarians will meet at LaSalle Market at 7:30 a.m.
September 10, 2021
Recent Legislative Session
Eleni Kavros DeGraw
State Representative
Members Present: 31
Zooming in: 2
Guests: Kevin Case (Speaker)
Visiting Rotarians: None
Happy Dollars: $30
Raffle: No winner.
Fines: None.
Birthdays: Kathleen Farr and Heather Pantano (They were both celebrating elsewhere)
Happy Dollars:
Natasha Haims was happy that her son was married on August 5. Congratulations!
Larry Sullivan was happy that he had goe to a RedSox game the night before the meeting. He took his three sons and a grandson who was celebrating his 24th birthday. And the Sox won!!!
Bill Barnes was happy to celebrate his 64th wedding anniversary on August 24. (Tom Voorhees hadn't mentioned his 64th anniversary on August 10. Hmm!!). Bill reminded us of other big dates in 1957: the launching of Sputnik and the release of the Edsel. The latter event took place on the last day of the Barnes's honeymoon, so Pat and Bill went to look. The car only lasted two years. It didn't compete well with GM.(At mention of this, Larry Sullivan gave another happy dollar in sympathy for Edsel dealers!). Bill was glad his marriage lasted longer than the Edsel. (It also lasted longer than Pontiac and Oldsmobile!).
Peter Vignati was happy that he and wife Susanne had gone to the Ridgefield Playhouse for their Saturday date night. They say Three Dog Night. Peter said the auditorium had good acoustics and was small and comfy. He recommended it.
Gary Miller was sort of happy to be filling in on tech because Mike Mezheritskiy was away. He realized that there are some kinks to be dealt with. He also was happy to play golf with other Rotarians during the week.
Gary Miller provided the status of the Golf Tournament which is less than two weeks away. We're doing okay for golfers, but ad sales are only half of last year's target. We are a long way from hitting the $100,000 gross from the past two years, since the ad booklet alone is about a third of the goal. Tee signs are the low hanging fruit and an easy $200 for signs we already own. Gary sent the list of outstanding tee signs to everyone. If you recognize one or two, please talk to your contact and get them to renew.
Katelyn Kaplin emphasized the need for items for baskets to be auctioned. She has sent an email with all the items they want for the baskets. Contact her at 860-836-1098 (voice or text) or She will arrange for pick up as necessary. She really needs them by September 6 to arrange the baskets and get them online.
Alicia Canning is working on getting new Club shirts for new members and anyone wishing to update their shirt. A clipboard was passed around at the meeting. Let her know if you are interested and what size you need.
9/13 Rotary Club of Avon/Canton golf tournament
Induction of New Members: None today.
Awards: None today
Community and International Service Grants: None today
Canton Schools During COVID
Kevin Case, Superintendent of Schools
Salin Low arrived at the podium with a copy of Kevin Case's resume, but he chided her about never reading anything. So instead of reading the resume, she promised to include it here:
Mr. Case has served as the Superintendent of the Canton Public Schools since December 2006. He is beginning his 36 th year in education. Prior to this position he served as the Principal of Squadron LineElementary School in Simsbury from 2000 - 2006, Torringford Elementary School in Torrington from 1998-2000, and Warren School in Warren from 1994-1998. He also taught several elementary school grade levels.
Mr. Case received his Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Central Connecticut State
University and his Master’s and Certificate in Advanced Graduate Study in Educational Leadership from the University of Hartford. He is also a graduate of the University of Connecticut’s Executive Leadership Program. Kevin is trained as an Emotional Intelligence Trainer and has given numerous presentations at professional conferences on this topic. He is also an adjunct graduate instructor at the University of St. Joseph.
After not reading Kevin's resume, Salin told how she and Kevin were at a church convention in the fall of 2006. Kevin needed to leave early, because he had and interview for superintendent of Canton Schools. Salin knew Kevin had not yet been a superintendent and told him he probably wouldn't get the job, because she didn't think the school board had enough imagination to hire him. Boy, was she wrong, and she is really glad. It's been good to have Kevin for 15 years and good that he continues to provide his leadership.
Kevin shared with us some of the material he had used the day before in the opening meeting with teachers for the academic year.
Kevin said he was so glad to be able to address teachers in person after the COVID interruption last year. However, they all needed to be masked.
The emphasis on collaboration has become a basic value of the Canton Public Schools. This includes efforts to work together with in a department and efforts to work across departments. That strengthens the sense of community, and it also see that individual subjects do not exist in a vacuum. Their application can be valuable in disparate subjects.
The Five C's of a Canton Public School graduate are deemed essential for the graduate to achieve success beyond the Canton schools. They emphasize that the students and faculty can work together to develop graduates who have more than good grades. They have life skills to use their academic learning in more constructive ways.
The guiding principles of the Canton schools for the 2021-2022 academic year involve efforts to keep the schools clean and safe in order to make in person learning the norm for all students.
The various mitigation strategies listed below are in line with policies set by the CDC, the Connecticut Department of Public Health, and the Farmington Valley Health District. The Canton schools will strictly follow those agencies' guidelines and not make independent policies contrary to the guidelines. In the area of vaccinations, the school does seek information as to whether a student is vaccinated. While it is voluntary for the student to be vaccinated or to notify the school, vaccinated students have less stringent requirements for quarantine in the event of a COVID outbreak.
Kevin showed a video which demonstrated ways that the schools adapted to the challenges of COVID during the last school year. There was a Prisms concert which showed collaboration among the various arts departments. A therapy dog who could be petted helped students and staff overcome the isolation of hybrid learning and social distancing.
We also received an explanation of the difference between equality and equity. Seeking equality is a way of making sure all students have access to the same resources. Focusing on equity puts the emphasis on providing resources in a way that all students are able to succeed. This requires assessing deficiencies in students and meeting their specific needs. Additional resources can be needed, which can be expensive. This can be a challenge, but the rewards can be significant.
There was a question about the deficiencies resulting from the home learning of last year. Kevin said that there had been testing to determine what was lost. In addition there was a robust summer school program to help with learning gaps. 
Kevin encouraged those with questions to contact him at We appreciated his letting us know what is happening in the schools and are glad for the continuity his leadership has brought to the schools.
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