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Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
We meet Fridays at 7:30 AM
Avon Old Farms Hotel
279 Avon Mountain Rd.
Avon, CT  06001
United States
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David Farzina
September 14, 2018
Sergeant-at-Arms Report
September 7, 2018
Members Present: 46
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Robert Bessel-Lions Club
Rauf Majidian (Prospective Member)
Annemary Gordon (Prospective Member)
Visiting Rotarian:  
Farmington Rotary
     - Mike Cheshire 
     - Jen Diederich (Club President)
Happy Dollars: $ 72
Raffle Winner:  Carrie Firestone
Eleni Karvos Degraw, noted that her sister says when she doesn't see her name in the obituary, it's a good day.  Eleni is going to take advantage of her good day to celebrate with family and friends.
Happy Dollars
Heather Pantano  can't believe that AJ is celebrating her 4th birthday.  She is going to be picking her up from school early and take her and friends to the play ground for some special attention. 
Joanne Santiago noted that she hasn't been here for a while and gave 5 happy dollars.  She has been traveling to a wedding in California and a meeting in Minneapolis, and then found out that she had a cataract in one eye.  Cataracts are for old people, but her doctor told her that she had the young persons kind.  
Dale Bronson was at Yale yesterday and got a glowing report from his cancer doctor.  He is now able to stop 2 of the medications that he has been on.  His granddaughter went with them because the heat had caused her school to be let out early.  She told the doctor "thank you for saving my pop pop."
Scott Nardozzi reported that 17 people had signed up for the FAVAR gala and he is hoping for 24 so that we can have 2 Rotary tables. 
Larry Sullivan took a sabbatical last week after the golf tournament but wanted to thank everybody for what they did to help.
Claire Cote, our guest speaker, is just happy to be here.  She noted that it was an amazing senior picnic.  She gave another dollar because she was sitting next to the birthday girl who is a fellow Vergo.  She also noted that her sister was getting married and tomorrow night was the surprise bachelorette party. 
Jen Diederich, who is President of the Farmington Club, and is enjoying it immensely has been trying to make it our meeting for 4 years and was happy that she finally made it.
Mike Cheshire from the Farmington Club let us know that he was a Red Sox fan.  He also let us know about an upcoming fund raiser for the Farmington Rotary Club.
Carrie Firestone reported that her dad and 3 of his friends came to play in the golf tournament and wanted to thank everybody because they felt so welcomed and well cared for.
Gary Miller is happy that Peter is back.  He also talked about last Saturday's annual 17 mile Trails Council Farm-to-Farm bike ride.
Gary Hyde reported that he played in a Labor Day in a golf tournament at Farmington Woods.  They were the last group put together and wound up winning.  The last member of the group was Donna Harris who is one hell of a player.  Gary is heading out on Saturday to the Mansions at Ocean Edge in Brewster, MA (Don confessed to having gotten really drunk there) for annual reunion with 10 guys he went to school with.
Don Bonner said thank goodness Peter is here.  He (and all of us) are happy to see him.  He also reported that Sarah Leathers is finally ready to become a member.  If any one is interested her Healing Meals Community Project, will hold an open house at its new location at Auerfarm, 158 Auer Farm Road in Bloomfield, on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, from 4:30-7:00 p.m.
Craig Buhrendorf welcomed Bob Bessel.  When Craig was President, Bob was membership chair and brought in 8 new members.  Craig and his wife Jean had a great weekend and the their new home in NC.  He got to see his sister and her family, including a niece who will be going to Vandenberg Air Force base in September.  They also finally got out the lake and rented jet skies.  Craig got it upl to 50 MPH, before being relegated to passenger.
Peter Vignati is glad to be back.  He was out for two months because of surgery for a brain tumor on his pituitary gland.  He found great doctors up at Brigham Hospital in Boston where they have a whole department that specializes in pituitary brain tumors.  He feels very good now.  He brought in his dues check, foundation check, and 29 happy dollars to mark his 29th anniversary.   He and his wife Ann will be going to Maine with their two dogs to celebrate.
Bob Bessel is very happy to be here and see everybody and for the warm Avon-Canton Rotary welcome.  He also asked Gary for a full report from the Brewster Golf Course and that Gary should say Hi to some of the golf balls that Bob released into the wilds there.
Rollie Sterrett reported that today is his 33rd anniversary.  33 years of bliss.
Alicia Canning thanked Larry Sullivan for all his work for what was a great golf tournament.  Second to thank Craig for the awesome articles that he has been writing to introduce new members.  Alicia was off last week to Atlanta to visit 2 of her 7 grandchildren.  She noted that Atlanta was cooler than here.
Calendar of Upcoming Events
Rotary Pub Night will be held this Wednesday, September 12, 4:30 - 6:30 at First and Last Tavern, Avon
Farmington Rotary Trail Race Sunday, September 23, Start time 9:00 a.m.  For more details:
Celebrate Avon Day will be held Saturday, September 29: Steve Harris announced that he still needs volunteers for the event. Please contact him if you can help.



Awards and Community/International Service Grants
On behalf of the club Ann Clark presented a present to Larry Sullivan as a thank you for all of the hard work he has put into making the golf tournament the success it has been.
Claire Cote, MSW
Director, Town of Canton Senior and Social Services
Change the Script
Claire came to talk to us about the Opioid Epidemic and its impact in Canton and the Valley.  The crisis effects everyone Older Adults, Adults/Caregivers, Young Adults & Adolescents.  Mental Health Issues & Addiction do not discriminate.  The Canton Police Department DRUG TAKE BACK BOX dumps approx. Boo lbs. annually.  While resources are around, but they are not centrally located and limited in Canton and throughout the Farmington Valley.  They can be difficult to access and are fragmented and part of a confusing system.  There is not one right "answer" for everyone and each of our communities has a different focus.  While a lot of the focus has been an the overdose issue, that only tells a small part of the story.  For every accidental overdose death, 9 people are admitted to substance abuse treatment, 35 people go to the ER, 161 report drug abuse/dependence and 461 report nonmedical use of opioid analgesics.   Of the 804 CT residents who died in 2015/2016 74% were male, 90% were white, and 73% died at home.   Canton Social Services and with the Canton Youth Services Bureau, DMHAS and DPH are part of an effort to Change the Script when it comes to over prescription of Opioid medications and the use of Narcan to save lives.
Bob Bessel joined the discussion to talk about an effort that is being planned between the District Lions Clubs and Rotary to join together to try and have an impact in our local communities on this important issue.  A prelimanry meeting is being held tomorrow and much more will follow as both Lions and Rotary have made drug abuse prevention a priority.
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