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Getting to Know Jennifer Gonzalez
Jenny Gonzalez was born in 1970 in the small country town of Perry, Florida, where her parents grew up. They moved to Tallahassee when she was four and she grew up with her brother Jon who is seven years older.
Both of Jenny’s parents were hard workers. Her mom was in business administration first in the medical field, then thirty plus years at an environmental law firm until her retirement two years ago. Her dad was a proud Vietnam veteran who had a 32-year career with the Postal Service. He retired early and enjoyed a life of leisure until he was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away three years ago. He was always working on cars, boats, and home improvement projects. In retirement he enjoyed spending time on my cousins’ farm in Alabama bailing hay, feeding cows, hunting, and fishing. His family misses him dearly.
Jenny met her husband in high school through friends they had in common, dated briefly during her junior year, and stayed in touch. When Larry graduated from the University of Florida out of the school of journalism, he moved back to Tallahassee to work. He looked Jenny up, and they decided to get married a month after dating. Jenny had been working at Holland and Knight Law firm as a file clerk and runner until they married a year later in December 1994. This past December they celebrated their 25th Wedding anniversary.
Jenny and Larry moved to Storrs, Connecticut once Larry was accepted to UCONN’s MBA program in 1995. Jenny worked in retail until he graduated, then spent a year matriculating into the CT college system at MCTC. She then applied and was accepted into the BFA program at UCONN. She was able to go to school full-time and completed a Specialized Concentration in Photography, Sculpture, and Ceramics. Larry and Jenny both graduated in 2000. He completed his law degree from UCONN, and she received her BFA.
She worked a few years after graduation as a Manager of the Non-Profit Women’s Exchange in West Hartford Center and went on to work for Capital Properties, first as a leasing agent for a residential property in Rocky Hill, later transferring to a West Hartford property as assistant property manager. She also began her Master’s program at CCSU. An artist at heart, she finished an MS in Art Education in 2007 with a concentration in Ceramics. She felt lucky to have studied with the best professor in her concentration and with one of the most talented students, who is still a good friend. She has had three art shows: a thesis show at Art Space in Hartford, a group show at Art Space with a painter, furniture maker, ceramicist and photographer, and another at the Farmington Library with three other ceramic artists.
Jenny started flying as a contract flight attendant for a small charter company out of Bridgeport and did sub-contracted flights for Netjets and Starflite International while she was finishing her Master’s program. In 2009 she secured a full time position with Travelers Aviation. She and her husband never thought that they would both end up working in the insurance industry, especially with Jenny in such a non-traditional role.
Larry and Jenny are very proud that their achievements have come about through their own efforts. They don’t have any children, but they are the happy to be aunt and uncle of seven nephews and one niece that they visit on trips to Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. They have two spoiled miniature dachshunds, Daisy and Oscar, who bring great joy to their home life. Their first fur-baby child was a Bassett hound named Marlee who was part of their family for the first 16 years of their marriage.
Jenny and Larry have been lifelong Thoroughbred horse racing enthusiasts and have a small stake in a NY breeding partnership and a couple of race horses with friends. Through their small interest they own perhaps a few horse hairs at most. This passion and their need to find a meaningful way to spend free time brought them to Shepard Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center. Jenny is on the fundraising committee and acting as Gala Chairperson, and Larry is VP on the Board. They still enjoy mucking stalls and feeding horses on the weekends as well as giving tours and acting as volunteer mentors.
Jenny is happy that Heather Pantano invited her to join Rotary. From the very first meeting she felt like she was home. She looks forward to getting to know all the members and working together to raise money and do good things for the community and beyond. 
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Jul 24, 2020
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Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
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April 24, 2020
Bob Bessell, First Selectman
Town of Canton
The meeting will be held on Zoom. 
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Members Present: 44 in attendance
Visiting Rotarians: Craig Buhrendorf, Chris Heath, Rick Heath  
Guests: Kershwin Singh, Alexandra Lowry
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Jenny Gonzalez
Jenny's birthday was April 8. This picture is while she was on her job as a cabin attendant for a Traveler's Insurance plane. Her other passion is for horses, which has drawn her to Shepard Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center. Happy Birthday, Jenny
Happy Dollars Moments
Editor's note: It is perhaps worth noting, in this time of "apartness", that we have and continue to maintain our time-honored Rotary traditions and our relationships in every way possible. Platforms such as Zoom, while imperfect, help us to do that. I am not living up to the standard set by Arnie Goldman. I have not been able to do a screen grab and take notes at the same time.
Rollie Sterrett told us about his brother Cliff's COVID19 infection. Cliff is a paraplegic after a fall 10 years ago. He was taken with the virus to Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington. After a few days the hospital asked the family to decide whether to put Cliff on a ventilator or to follow a hospice protocol. The family's decision was to go with hospice. Cliff received oxygen in the room. After a couple of days he began to recover. He could be discharged from the hospital, except his caregivers are in isolation, and there is no nursing home where he can go. It is hoped that one of his caregivers will be able to return to caring for him this week.
Susan Mitchell had three reasons to be happy. Her son took a bad spill and was in the ICU for a time. He lost part of his spleen. Fortunately he is now at home. She is also happy that there is now a new rescue mare at Shepard Meadows, a very cute Arabian. Two more horses are coming. She is also happy that their household doesn't have COVID and is safe.
Phil Ferrari had spoken to Craig Nation. Craig is stuck in Florida and doesn't want to come back and be quarantined here. His daughter Amy is there keeping him company. He looks forward to getting back and said hello to the club.
Jolly Lux was happy about having a Zoom call with Rotarians in China. They want to help people in Uganda, because they are doing fine with the virus. They are donating PPE to Uganda and are working to get through the red tape of that country.
Somebody (Scott ?) told about a brother-in-law who is a peace officer who has tested positive for COVID19. He is at home sleeping a lot of the time.
Alicia Canning took a bad fall the Wednesday before the meeting. She fell on her front steps and hit hard. She was in the hospital the day of the meeting.
Gary Miller was happy that he and wife Debbie have made more than 100 masks to help during the time of social distancing. They are slowed down now due to lack of elastic, but they have sent the masks to several places in addition to circulating them to friends and family. Gary got the pattern for the Rotary wheel on some of the masks from a Chinese company and found the club logo through a company in Sri Lanka. Truly international!
Dale Bronson's granddaughter Ella had to celebrate her 10th birthday observing social distancing. Her birthday cake was placed on the hood of the car, and everybody stayed in front of Dale's house far apart. It was silly but happy.
Don Bonner was happy that the club had made a donation to Paula DaSilva to make face coverings. Our donation of $500 will provide almost 500 masks. We also made a donation to MakerSpace to make 3D items.
Natasha Haims was happy to see Alexandra Lowry whom she had known for eight years.
Sue Budde appreciated the masks Gary and Debbie are making. She and husband Bill each have one.
Rick Heath was happy that son John and his fiance had improved greatly. He and Chris are thoroughly enjoying being part of our Zoom meetings.
Lisa Barall-Matt is moving to West Hartford. Her Canton home was sold without being listed. It was bought by a pregnant woman who wanted to move in as quickly as possible. Lisa will still be part of the Avon-Canton Rotary.
Heather Pantano was happy that the house they'd moved out of was leased. So good to be down to one mortgage payment a month.


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Alexandra Lowry
Forest Bathing


Alexandra Lowry of The Wisdom Alliance is a Certified Integrative Life Coach, Certified CFPA Ramble Guide (Connecticut Forest & Parks Association), and member of the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy Guides. She is involved with a practice known as Shinrin Yoku, which is a Chinese term for wellness in nature. It recognizes the need to reestablish a connection with nature.

Alexandra leads rambles, which are intentional, silent walks in nature to establish this connection through the senses. The walks are slow and often help to recapture the tracking sense we have lost in modern society. Studies which have been done since the early 80's show that plants emit essential oils which contribute to wellness. The change in the quality of the air in a forest helps to lower the blood pressure, and cortisol (the hormone which controls fight or flight response) levels are decreased during these walks. The walks can also counter depression, ADHD, and PTSD, as well as strengthening the immune system. Walks may help increase focus and improve productivity.

While Alexandra promotes forest walks, the same effect can be achieved any place which allows for an escape from everyday routine and for a reconnection with nature. When she is leading a walk, she stops the group and allows for sharing of thoughts and reactions to the walk. Walkers tend to form community in this process which often extends beyond the walk. If walkers work together, this is an effective tool for team building.

Alexandra spoke about the value of walks for corporate training. Corporations are grown in their understanding that employee wellness is good for both the employee and for the employer. When employees are tired and/or distracted, productivity can suffer, and accidents are more likely. An activity like these walks can give high impact for low cost. It can be held in various locations and for appropriate lengths. Alexandra does find walks of about two hours generally produce the greatest effect. She prefers to work with groups of five to fifteen individuals, certainly 25 or fewer people. And if there is a case of participants' limited mobility, the location and duration of the walk can be tailored to the needs of those involved.

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