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Digital Lens Grinding in the Optical Industry
September 21, 2018
Sergeant-at-Arms Report
September 14, 2018
Members Present: 38
Make-Ups: None  
Guests: Natasha Haims, Susan Mitchell & Steve Mitchell: prospective members all!
Visiting Rotarian: none
Happy Dollars: $ 10.00
Raffle Winner: Paul Mikkelson, $20.00
Salin Low, about to celebrate her birthday on 9/20, noted her 23 years of Rotary membership. Said Salin: "I'm sort of retired, but I seem to find myself working every Sunday anyway." Salin is a "retired" pastor, and also the head of her homeowners association, from which she reports she is learning a lot about bees. Salin again:  "I like Rotary, and I like being here most every Friday."
Happy Dollars
Gary Miller will soon be heading to a wedding on the Boston waterfront, to be held on the ship the USS Constitution. Further, just last night Gary finished his Thursday night golf league season. His foursome and won all 4 matches and became the league champion! Way to go Gary!
Scott Nardozzi was glad that 24 people signed up for FAVARH event so far!
Gary Hyde was glad to be back from a 4 day trip to Brewster Mass to visit a former classmate, with whom he played golf at the Cape Cod National, a spectacular course!
Phil Ferrari was celebrating 100 victories for the Boston Red Sox!
Kurt Lux was glad to be here, as he had been in Washington DC all week on urgent business. He was also glad to inform us about the work opportunities and quality of work of those with disabilities he observed while in Washington DC. At FBI headquarters, Kurt saw disabled persons caring for the building, and Kurt thanked God that they have those opportunities.
Jolly Lux reminded Rotarians that next Wednesday, the big GLO trip to Uganda will begin, including 10 local attendees from the United Methodist Church. Phil Ferrari and his wife will be among them.
Ted Coles' oldest granddaughter recently graduated from George Washington University, and is now in a Masters program while also teaching at Miss Porters School. She has 22 resident girls under her supervision and also teaches algebra and is assistant coach for field hockey. She is living in the George D. Coles house. Mr. Coles was a pharmacist and his oldest daughter is also a pharmacist. [Ed Note: This Editor's late father-in-law, Richard Sneideman was a pharmacist in New Britain and Newington for many years.]
Paul Mikkelson wished a happy birthday to Salin and also thanked Susan and Steve Mitchell for what they do for the cycling community. He also wished for Kurt and Jolly a  successful trip, and asked for for good luck wishes for him and his cycling club at the upcoming time trial, just ahead. Two pro teams will also be there, making it interesting. The amateur teams receive extra minutes as handicaps by average age and Paul's team is so old they have almost 90 minutes of advantage!
Joanne Santiago pointed out that the Avon Fire Department will hold an event this upcoming weekend, one in which she is a participant. See Joanne for details.
Tom Voorhees announced an Amber Alert event for Celebrate Avon, formerly Avon Day. Volunteers are needed.
Steve Harris plans to feed all of  Tom's Amber Alert volunteers. Celebrate Avon will be September 29th, and Steve still needs volunteers to cook. He promises they will get to eat for free!
Mike Mezheritskiy: The West Hartford Rotary will hold a jazz brunch in honor of the late Hap Leabman in November.
Sean Blacker informed Mike Mezheritsky that his club raised $400 using the Rotary umbrellas we donated as prizes, and the funds were donated to the Veterans Home in Rocky Hill.
Calendar of Upcoming Events
Celebrate Avon Day will be held Saturday, September 29: Steve Harris announced that he still needs volunteers for the event.
Awards and Community/International Service Grants
Nothing awarded or granted today!
Guiding Light Orphans: Kurt & Jolly Lux
The most recent GLO mission trip led by Jolly & Kurt was in June and July of this year. Jolly and Kurt shared a few of the GLO clinic's patient success stories with Rotary, as a thank you for our support.
Jovia, is a  future nurse, who they met 2 years ago, when she was just 16. She had come to the clinic as a patient and had many medical and social issues. She was poor, epileptic, had no father and was pregnant, having been raped. Her mother wanted to eject her from their home but GLO found a way to help her and keep her in school. She had become a head of household while caring for her baby, so frequently missed medication, as her mother was often not present to share childcare duties. Later Jovia was found to be homeless and living with others in the same predicament in the home of a Reverend. A fundraiser was initiated to raise $420.00 to allow her to be placed in a boarding school, so she can finish high school and eventually pursue her dream, to become a nurse.
Remi, another clinic patient, became epileptic due to a high school motorcycle accident. Now a father of 8 children, he had become known as the "Gospel Preacher of Health." He had become a community care worker and advocate for other GLO patients. Now he cares for his family, raises tobacco and pigs and is successful in his life.
Augusto is a third patient helped by the GLO clinic and introduced to us today. Previously confined to a wheelchair and epileptic, Kurt and Jolly witnessed his ability to stand and walk after GLO's care stabilized his health, a true miracle.
One important role of the GLO clinic is to provide seizure control medication to patients in need. The Masindi area of Uganda has a high rate of epilepsy and long term it is hoped that new research will identify the cause or causes and better, more affordable treatments. The clinic and patients are forced to use older medications as newer medications are much more expensive. In the past, the government supplied those medications, but have since discontinued that support, so the funding for both staff and medicines are GLO's independent responsibility.
Jolly next pointed out that the clinic-associated water tank, which was funded by us with $3000.oo of support, allows the people to avoid using water from contaminated streams and rivers, and having to walk miles to obtain and carry back that water. To quote Jolly, "This simple thing has altered and vastly improved the hygiene and health of the local population."
The clinic also provides nutritional intervention for mothers and children, and advice on which crops to grow and how to grow them to sustain the land and health. Kurt and Jolly have been able to touch the lives of many others, and to experience having them touch their lives, in a very large part, due to the support of Rotary.
One of Kurt's final slides showed him cradling his new "inseparable best friend for life", a very young girl named McClean, who stuck to him like glue when they were together. The joy Kurt experiences from that relationship is evident in his tone of voice and in his words. [Ed. Note: To quote the late Jackie Gleason, "How sweet it is!"].
Our Club and our Rotary district have been instrumental and integral to the success of GLO since its inception. Kurt and Jolly will continue their efforts and in the coming year plan to teach sewing skills to young girls, so they may supplement their families' income. GLO has a bright future and we thank God for the dedication of Kurt and Jolly Lux!
Learn more about Guiding Light Orphans at:
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