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Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
Fridays at 7:30 AM
Golf Club of Avon
160 Country Club Road
Avon, CT 06001
United States of America
(860) 760-6364
In person starting July 9, 2021. Zoom will also be available for those unable to attend in person.
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May 21, 2021
Noah Webster House
Jennifer Dicola Matos, Executive Director
The meeting will be held on Zoom. 
Watch for an email from the club.
We are now using a recurring ID, etc.
Sergeant-at-Arms Report 
Members Present: 43 Participants


Visiting Rotarians: None 


GuestsShelly Pope (Shepard Meadows), David Invanoudis (Prospective Member), Love Bajpai (Speaker)
Happy Dollars Moments: More valuable when they are shared.

Raffle Winner: No Raffle. No Winners. No Losers.

Fines: None today.
Birthdays: None today.
Happy Moments

Peter Vignati celebrated Mother's Day with his wife, their son and his favorite Mother in Law. They enjoyed a wonderful meal outside thanks to his son who is a chef. 


Rollie Sterrett looked forward to celebrating his wife's birthday alongside 350 people the following day at Tastes of the Valley. He also said that he learned the Simsbury Rotary club just held their first in person breakfast meeting with 38 in attendance.


Sue Budde asked the club to keep her beloved dog Gracie in their prayers. Gracie was recently diagnosed with vestibular disease. In a happy note, Sue looked forward to watching her niece graduate college in Pennsylvania and celebrating the "baby of the family" 16th birthday.


Larry Haber reported on his strange Mother's Day outing at Yankee Stadium - they were operating at 20% capacity and his group accounted for 6 of the 8 people in his section. The traffic remained just as jammed as ever! 


Gary Miller commented on the auction website that is up and running thanks to Heather Pantano. At the time of the meeting they had already raised $500.


Jolly Lux commented on how excited she was for Tastes of the Valley. She was impressed by how quickly tickets sold out.


Josh Gillooly said that there were many happy moments planning Tastes. He is blown away that there are over 350 tickets sold especially considering the year they had. 

We need speakers! 
Please look through your contacts or LinkedIn for speakers beginning in July. See Ike with any leads.
Through May 31: Phil Ferrari will continue to be the recipient of our ongoing Meal Train, every Monday through May 31st.  He seems to be healing well, but still in a tremendous amount of pain in his left knee.
Avon Old Farms will not be able to accommodate us for our club meetings when we return in person.  It looks like our meetings will be at the Avon Golf Club.  Details are being worked on and the club will vote next week on the type of breakfast that is wanted.
Upcoming Dates
May 27 - Virtual District Meeting
May 28 - NO Meeting.  The Lonely Rotarian Society will meet.
June 18 - President's Dinner
June 25 - FAVARH Breakfast to tour the Rotary Building for those fully vaccinated. Breakfast to be catered by Beanz & Co.  We will need to pay for breakfast as usual.  President Alicia is donating the tree that is to be planted by the Club, while the landscaper will donate the labor. Club Paul Harris awards and membership pins will be given at that time. Virtual participation will also be made available.
Induction of New Members
None today.
None this week.
Community and International Service Grants
None this week. 

Love Bajpai
Second Innings
Alicia Canning introduced Love Bajpai. Love Bajpai is a graduate of Yale University School of Management and is currently the Senior Director Enterprise Business Intelligence and Analytics at Travelers and the Founder of Our Second Innings.
Second Innings's mission is to provide guidance and education to any interested in new programming technologies at no cost and provide a platform for hiring this newly trained workforce. The program is geared towards the workforce and is great for those in the middle of their career and looking to expand their programming knowledge and skills. Many of this population did not have the knowledge available before they entered their current career and had difficulties accessing and affording proper training.

Now that the programming world is much more simplified than in the past, people in the workforce can increase their skills and their salaries through the lessons provided by Second Innings at no cost and at their convenience.
Many jobs are being done overseas, that can be accomplished here with proper training. The programming skills taught by Second Innings will be relevant for the next 20-30 years.
Second Innings started within Avon Public Library, and the response was positive and there was a demand for more classes. It is currently held online due to COVID but there is a benefit to being in person to help better teach the student, so there are plans to return in person.


Rollie - Can you comment on cybersecurity given the recent terroristic ransomware on the colonial pipeline? How do large corporations stay protected?
Love - They have security in place and proper controls in place. The problem is you can only know so much and people make a career of finding your blind spots. 
Can you re-engineer a cyberattack and attack the attackers?
Love - It’s possible! Difficult, but possible!

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