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Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
Fridays at 7:30 AM
Golf Club of Avon
160 Country Club Road
Avon, CT 06001
United States of America
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In person starting July 9, 2021. Zoom will also be available for those unable to attend in person.
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April 23, 2021
Cindy Archibald, LMSW 
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Members Present: 41 Participants


Visiting Rotarians: Rick and Chris Heath (St. Augustine, FL), Assistant Governor Dave Tedeschi, Dan Rodriguez 


Guests: Speaker: Stephanie Griswold
Happy Dollars Moments: More valuable when they are shared.

Raffle Winner: No Raffle. No Winners. No Losers.

Fines: None today.
Jennifer Gonzales - April 8, Jen enjoyed a relaxing birthday with her husband at Float 41 followed by dinner. She has a lot to look forward to in this upcoming year with plans to see her family this summer after not seeing them for quite some time.
Happy Moments
Larry Haber shared that with all due respect to our guest from the CDC, he will be traveling to Puerto Rico to enjoy a beach vacation.
Peter Vignati and his wife were happy to regain use of their entire house after a hosting very prolonged guest in their home. 
Linda Pendergast shared she was feeling better every day, gaining weight, and most importantly is cancer free!
Alicia Canning shared she was happy that she did not experience any symptoms from her second dose of the vaccine yesterday.
President Alicia shared that Phil Ferrari is home following his accident. There is an ongoing Meal Train every Monday until May 31.
Alicia reminded us that the District Conference will be held virtually starting at 6:15 PM on Thursday, April 29th and continuing on Friday and Saturday. To register or review the conference schedule, go to the District 7890 website where you can also sign up for the District Assembly which is Saturday, May 15th.
Josh Gillooly gave the TOTV update. Members are encouraged to donate bottles of wine or liquor, with a value of $20 or more. There will be 12 restaurants participating, as well as 4-5 alcohol companies of various sorts. Participants will get their food and go to their tables. VIP sales are limited to 125, so tickets are almost gone, but we need member to buy and sell tickets. Remember that we have all saved about $750 each by not having to pay for breakfasts on Friday. 
Upcoming Dates
April 29-May 1 - Multi-District Conference held virtually
May 15 - District Assembly 9 to Noon online and Tastes of the Valley - Live at Golf Club of Avon at 6 PM
June 18 - President's Dinner
Induction of New Members
None today.
None this week.
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Stephanie Griswold
COVID-19 - Things to Know and How to Engage
Communities to Build Vaccine Confidence
Alicia Canning proudly introduced her daughter and speaker of this morning, Stephanie Griswold. Stephanie Griswold is a Public Health Advisor at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, currently on the COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force, where she is overseeing finance and partnerships to support activities related to COVID-19 Vaccine Communication, Education, and Equity. Since September, she has been a member of the Vaccine Confidence team, which is currently providing technical support and coordination to more than 50 partners, including universities, professional and community-based organizations, to develop strategies aimed at improving confidence and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines. In her day job, Stephanie is the Senior Advisor for Global Health in the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. She has extensive experience serving in leadership roles for global health programs, developing and executing program budgets and staffing plans and working across programs, centers, and agencies, both in Atlanta and overseas, including six years living abroad in Mozambique in South Africa. Stephanie received her Masters in Public Health from Emory University and her Bachelors in Biochemistry and Psychology from the University of Rochester. She currently lives in the Atlanta, GA area with her husband and two children.
Stephanie presented the following information and held a discussion with our club.


Q & A –
Capri Brighenti - What is the difference between Moderna and Pfizer having mRNA and not Johnson and Johnson? Are you seeing the inflammatory disease happening in children in adults?
Stephanie Griswold - Johnson and Johnson is an adenovirus vaccine that is closer to how past vaccines have been created. AstraZeneca is similar to the J&J and is having similar issues in Europe.
We have not seen inflammation that is occurring in children in adults.
Gary Roman -  What is the CDC advising for pregnant women? What is it costing the US government?
SG - For women planning to become pregnant/are pregnant, the CDC is recommending to get the vaccine. The women who became pregnant in trials have not shown any indications of issues.
As for cost – It’s been an enormous effort, lots of money towards manufacturing, safety studies, vaccine confidence. There is no figure yet.
Salin Low - commented that she just read a WSJ headline says that getting the actual virus has 10x more likelihood of blood clots than getting a vaccine.
SG - The latest discussion is likely going to be similar in regards to whether the vaccine is more beneficial than getting the virus.
Gary Miller commented he is currently reading The Code Breaker by Walter Isaacson. It explains the technology behind mRNA, and if you are looking for a book about it, he recommends it.
Chris Lamadrid – Congratulated Alicia on her articulate, bright, easy-to-understand daughter, and thanked Stephanie for making information easy to understand. How would you feel about a 16 year old girl getting a shot?
SG – I have 4 and 6 year old would get them in a trial if I could – so for a 16 year old, yes I would get her vaccinated. I hope that my children can get vaccinated soon, but it will likely be next year.
Dave Tedeschi – I sat at a table outdoors mixed a group of some vaccinated and others unvaccinated was uncomfortable. Should I have been uncomfortable even though I am vaccinated and outdoors?
SG - Being outside much better than indoors, but even if you are outdoors, you should be wearing a mask if you are with people from than one household. There is still a risk of passing infection.
Peter Vignati – On reactions, if you don’t get a reaction, does that mean it’s less effective?
SG - Just because you’re not feeling sick doesn’t indicate effectiveness. Immune responses are unique to the individual.
Jennifer Gonzalez – Is there any way to test how effective your dose is?
SG - You can visit your provider for an antibody test.


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