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Club Information
Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
Fridays at 7:30 AM
Golf Club of Avon
160 Country Club Road
Avon, CT 06001
United States of America
(860) 760-6364
In person starting July 9, 2021. Zoom will also be available for those unable to attend in person.
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July 16, 2021
Nakisha Smith
Avon Equity Group
Connecting, Belonging, Thriving
In-Person - Zoom Available
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Sergeant-at-Arms Report 
Members Present: 35
Visiting Rotarians: Joanne Alferi, District Governor  
Ken Boisclair Musical Guest of Chris Lamadrid
Deborah Altshwager Guest of Cherie Morris
Brenda Sullivan Spouse of Larry Sullivan
George Pavlakis 2nd Lieutenant US Army (Rotary Scholarship)
Happy Dollars (are back): $24
Raffle Winner: Sue Budde
Fines: None today.
 Bill Barnes 7/4 (born on the 160th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence) -  First became a Rotarian in 1973 in Bridgeport, CT when he was President of the Council of Churches.  He became a member of our club in 1977.  He was president in 88/89, which was a great thrill.  He then left and joined the Bristol Club for about 10 years when he was pastor of a church in Bristol.  He retired in 2002 and rejoined Avon/Canton.  Bill shared stories about the early fund raisers of the club when he was a member including the Rotary Car Wash and the selling of Christmas trees (whose needles tended to fall).  The club also had a Las Vegas night at the old Farmington Valley Mall, which was an indoor mall.  It went well until a few members decided to sell hamburgers, cooked on a grill.  The merchants weren't real happy, when all their goods were covered in smoke and grease.
 Robin DiNicola 7/12 - One upside of the year for Robin, was that her 45 minute commute disappeared.  She joined Rotary at the invitation of Gary Miller.  Best part of Rotary is volunteering her time and the time we can all spend together.  
Gary Roman 7/4 - Not Present.
Happy Moments
Gary Miller - Glad to be back together.  Depending upon Elsa, he is heading off to a family gathering, on his wife's side,in Sanford, VA which is part of the Outer Banks.  50+ people attend from multiple generations.  Each family is assigned one night to cook and they will be there for a week.  Gary said that Bills tree story reminded him of being in an apartment in Norfolk, VA before flight training.  Their Christmas tree was a Scotch Pine, that was only green because it had been spray painted.  
Chis Lamadrid - is happy to be president of the club.  She very happy to be here at the Golf Club of Avon as we were brought in from a storm and could have been a nomad club again.
Salin Low is happy to welcome our Rotary Scholar George Pavlakis who is still waiting to see which school in Germany that he will be attending.  She is a little bit sad that Rollie is not here.  He keeps inviting George, but never shows up!  If it happens again, George is going to have to conclude that Rollie doesn't exist.    
Gov. Joanne Alferi - I am very happy to be here today and I love your new location with a beautiful view.  It is absolutely wonderful that we are offering a hybrid meeting.  
Gary Miller announced that we are kicking off our Golf Tournament today.  He sent out an e-mail yesterday.  Please let him know if you didn't get it as he tries to keep our email lists up to date.  The e-mail wa a save the date for tournament on Monday 9/13 at the Golf Club of Avon.  The Golf Committee will be meeting at Dish'N Dat every other Thursday starting on July 22 @ 5.  Please check the web site for all the forms you will need to help get sponsors, advertisers and golfers. He also gave an update on Phil Ferrari who had setback but now seems to be on the mending road.
Senior Lunch will be on Tuesday 8/17 at the Avon Senior CenterIt will be a sit down lunch courtesy of the Canton Shop Rite.  More details to follow.  Speak to Jim Gordon, if you can help.
Induction of New Members
Joanne Santiago presented  Greg DeManche with a Paul Harris +6!
Community and International Service Grants
None this week.
Gov Joanne Alferi
District 7890
Come Back to Give Back
The first topic the Gov. Joanne talked about was the Rotary Foundation and a new project to send out weekly information on the Foundation so that all members are fully informed as to the importance of the foundation.  She shared this weeks moment:
Today, I have a quote from Paulo Costa, Past President of Rotary International, 1990-1991.  “Rotary International’s masterpiece is The Rotary Foundation. It transforms our dreams into splendid realities . . . it is the most generous expression of Rotarian generosity - a generosity that not only brings benefits but also brings help and cooperation to solve the problems that affect mankind. The Rotary Foundation achieves the best that mankind can possibly achieve.”
There are something we want to focus on this year at the District level and for the clubs to be working on.  She wants all of the clubs to be able to really show our communities that "We are people of action".  Something that Avon-Canton has always done but to make sure we keep our work in the public eye.
Last year was very tough, but all of us should be proud of how we were able to hold it together as Rotary Clubs.  Because of all the difficulty we need to make sure we have kept and will keep in touch with all of our Rotarians and not let people get lost or drift away.  We need to make sure they are in the room and if not, where are they?    We also want to focus on increasing our membership.  She would like each club to have a net gain of two new members (100 for the District).
Rotary Clubs need to:
Dream Big
Increase our impact in our communities
Measure what we do
Share our story about Rotary
Expand your reach
Increase participant engagement
Increase our ability to adapt going forward
Have diverse mental thought, i.e. understanding ideas that are different than ours
Are you happy with where you are in your Rotary Life?  If not, DO something about it.
Special Announcements
None this week.
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“The FOUR-WAY TEST of the things we think, say or do”:

1. Is it the TRUTH?
2. Is it FAIR to all Concerned?
4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?