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Salin Low
Sep 29, 2023
Oct 06, 2023
Logan's Foundation
Oct 13, 2023
Supporting Nursing Education
Oct 20, 2023
Where do your berries come from?
Oct 27, 2023
Nov 03, 2023
Early Self-Detection and Prevention of Melanoma
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Club Information
Rotary of Avon-Canton - Founded 1973
Service above Self
Fridays at 7:30 AM
Golf Club of Avon
160 Country Club Road
Avon, CT 06001
United States of America
(860) 760-6364
All meetings are hybrid both in-person and Zoom available
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August 18, 2023
District Plans for the Coming Year
Christine Burns, District Governor
Sergeant-at-Arms Report - 
Rotarians Present: 28 (All present, no Zoom)
Visiting Rotarians: None
Guests: Catherine Pellino, Northwest Community Bank (Prospective Member); Joe Zone(Speaker); Brenda Sullivan (Wife of Larry and friend of Denise); Denise Bouret (inducted at meeting); Paul Pendergast (friend of speaker).
Happy Dollars: $16
Raffle Winner: Linda Pendergast ($40)
Birthdays: Lisa Barall-Matt's birthday was August 7, but she was not present. Happy Birthday, Lisa!
Happy Dollars
Alicia Canning gave $5 because her daughter Sara had a good pet scan showing her cancer still in remission. She also had a great vacation with her granddaughters. On Wednesday there is a new show Superfan and Sara is one of the super fans whether or not she wins. Shania Twain has been very good to Sara. Good luck!
Joanne Santiago was happy about Alicia’s daughter but very sad about the people in Hawaii affected by the fires on Maui.
Joe Zone was interested in doing a follow up story about Alicia’s daughter.
Larry Haber was headed to Sebago Lake in Maine. He will be visiting friends, including his last friend who is to the right of Atilla the Hun.
Tom Voorhees gave a $1 to recognize his 66th wedding anniversary – not sure how many happy years. Right!
Brian O’Donnell was happy that the club has agreed to contribute $2,500 to help the VFW bring an interpreter from Afghanistan and his family to this country. He encouraged members to contribute to this effort, because $20,000 must be raised by the VFW to bring the family to Avon. The interpreters helped our country and now are in danger after the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Dick Kisiel announced another opportunity for club members (along with adult family and friends) for ten volunteers to participate at the new construction project in the Northeast Neighborhood in Hartford on Saturday, September 9 from 7:45 am- 3:00 pm.  The site is located at 75 Clark Street in Hartford.  No special skills required but just your willingness to work.The club is expected to provide 10 volunteers to do the work planned for that day. We need to let the Habitat people know if we can find enough people to help so let Dick Kisiel or President Luke know soon if you can help.
Ann Clark encouraged members to attend the Favarh event on Friday, September 8 at Simsbury Meadows. The entertainment will be the music of Billy Joel. Club members (and their guests) have already spoken for three tables for eight which Ann has arranged. Tickets for a table are $50 each, payable to the Rotary club, and we can bring our own food. Additional members who want to attend are encouraged to buy tickets for the meadow. Alcoholic beverages must be purchased on site. It's a fun evening for a group we support and who support our club!
Members who do not play golf but want to attend the dinner at the club's outing on September 11 can pay $50 for just the dinner. This can be paid at a meeting or by PayPal. Colleen Grasso is keeping track of members planning to attend the dinner. We need to tell the golf club how many people attending dinner by September 1.
September 8, 2023 - Favarh Event - Music of Billy Joel - Simsbury Meadows.
September 9, 2023 - Habitat for Humanity Work Day
September 11, 2023 - Annual Charity Golf Tournament
October 19, 2023 - Club's 50th Anniversary Dinner
November 5, 2023 - Annual District Rotary Foundation Brunch in West Hartford
Induction of New Members
Denise Bouret
Denise Bouret was introduced by Cherie Morris, her friend of 40 years. She is a hairdresser and lives in Canton with her husband Dave, two children, and a 29-year old horse. She is a cancer survivor and helps others doing through cancer treatment dealing with hair loss. She also helps with rides, meals, and support. She has a legacy of service from her parents and helps others, including troubled teens and the animals she loves. She has already helped Cherie with silent auctions and is comfortable with doing fundraising. Denise already understands and lives service above self, and she will be a wonderful addition to Avon-Canton Rotary. Welcome, Denise!
None this week
Community and International Service Grants
None this week
Career In Sports Broadcasting
Joe Zone, WFSB Sports
Joe Zone, sports director at WFSB –Ch3, was introduced by Brian O’Donnell. He lives in Avon, and his two daughters graduated from Avon High School. He is still trying to break 80 with his golf game. He mostly talks to teens about sports, so he could simplify his talk for us.
He has been in sports reporting since 1973. His first interview involved reporting on a hockey game involving the Syracuse Blazers, the team that was the basis for the movie Slap Shot. In the last 50 years he has been involved in watching, attending, and reporting on sports, mostly on TV.
When Joe started reporting on TV, sports was more important than the weather. People couldn’t get sports scores until the late news. There was no NESN or ESPN or smart phones. National news is covered throughout the day, and sports reports are available in a variety of ways.
Now weather dominates the late newscast. What is more important to viewers is generally the weather. The technology that makes weather reporting ever more precise appeals to viewers. And with both adults in a household going to work, not to mention children in school, people want to know what the weather will be in the morning when they leave the house. The equipment that supports weather reporting is very expensive, and the cuts in spending come from the sports budget.
The reason sports remains part of the late news is that people want to see their own kids or friends on the news. Local sports stories draw viewers, just as local news stories do. That is the emphasis on sports today. This is so much the case that Channel 3 is dropping reports of the scores of national teams in order to focus on local sports. And in Connecticut UCONN sports is local to everybody. So there will continue to be UCONN reporting, as well as special interest stories. In fact Channel 3 is now a media partner with UCONN.
Joe then answered questions that were mostly about college sports. There is concern about the changing conferences and what happens to the Big East, which is a basketball conference. Where will UCONN’s football team fit? What will teams from small schools do if they have to travel across the country to play games with spread out conferences? How is payment to student athletes going to affect college sports? Lots of questions to be answered that should keep Joe busy with sports for many years to come.
Thanks for giving us a glimpse of sports reporting today.

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