Posted by Craig Buhrendorf
I’m a Boston guy” proclaims Jim Gordon. Born and raised in the city, he attended the Boston Public Schools and graduated from Massachusetts College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Advertising. Jim and his wife Jayne moved to Farmington in 1972 “and here we are...forty-six years later”. They have four grown children: Kathleen who lives in Avon with their two oldest grandchildren, Timothy and his wife Tracie who moved to Colorado this past summer, Chris and his wife Kristen who live outside of Boston and their youngest Matthew who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife Sarah. They feel blessed to be grandparents to eight wonderful grandkids: Cameron, Lizzie, Maggie, James, Thomas, Audrey, Yates and Rory.

Jim divides his professional career into three main segments: corporate life, his self-employment phase and his non-profit stretch. He tells people that he did his corporate training at Coleco, learning a lot through his experiences with ​Toys and Games​, Cabbage Patch Dolls and the Adam computer. He worked for Coleco for ten years and finished up his career there as Vice President of Creative Services. Next he decided to start his own business, Gordon Associates - a small design, advertising and public relations shop. After being responsible for a large staff of creative people in the corporate world, he says it was nice to be responsible for just one person, “me”. This “paid the bills for the next eighteen years” and then it was time for another change. His kids were out of the house, the mortgage was paid and Jayne wanted him to get a “real job”.

So Jim finished his career in the nonprofit world with the Salvation Army, “a really wonderful organization where I got to meet and serve many wonderful people”. Jim was Director of Public Relations and Marketing for the Salvation Army in Southern New England, representing the Army at Rotary, Chamber, board meetings and civic events in many cities and towns all across the region. He has been retired for the last three years but still handles a few special events for the Army.Jim is a Past President of the Avon Chamber of Commerce, the Farmington Exchange Club, First Night Hartford and the Farmington High School Boosters Club. He has served on many committees with the United Way, including the President Marketing Committee and has participated in many Hartford community programs and events.

Jim is a sports fan, “a Boston sports fan!” - Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Patriots. He has been a season ticket holder with the Patriots since 1966 or 1967 (he doesn’t recall exactly). When he is not watching sports on TV, he may be watching his grandson play football for Avon High School. Much of JIm’s free time is now consumed by working on and driving his 1950 MG TD, which he has owned since 1969. When the sun is out and temperature nears sixty degrees, you can see him driving around Avon and Farmington with the top down.